DEI is a journey not a destination
Whether you are at the start of this journey or further along, let us help you find solutions and nurture a culture where everyone belongs.

Whether as an extension of your team or as your one-stop-shop for all things DEI, we work with companies of all sizes to build inclusive cultures where people can do their best work. Our approach involves forging a collaborative partnership with our clients, fostering safe spaces for open and honest conversations as we journey together. We are dedicated to equipping you with the necessary tools and resources to implement a tailored DEI program that aligns with your organization’s needs and sustains this crucial work into the future.

    * We have a passionate and dedicated team with experience in DEI:
    * Strategy and resource development
    * Assessments & data collection
    * Audits & reporting
    * Trainings and workshops
    * DEI curriculum design
    * Conference production

Meet our team

Our Services Include
Training and Development (Workshops, Keynotes, trainings)
Throughout the year, we provide training sessions on a diverse range of timely topics. Our interactive and immersive approach allows companies to continually acknowledge and commemorate important events. By using a first-person perspective, we empower organizations to actively engage with these topics on an ongoing basis.

We actively support our clients at every step of their DEI journey. Whether it’s conducting comprehensive DEI audits and assessments or providing guidance on specific areas within the organization, such as the establishment or enhancement of employee resource groups, we are committed to being a valuable resource. Our expertise is at your disposal to assist and empower you throughout your DEI initiatives.

One stop shop (Conferences, Year long programs)

From concept development to implementation, our team is here to support you throughout the entire process of any DEI initiative you wish to lead internally. We have a wealth of experience in organizing and producing conferences and year-long programs that have yielded tremendous success. Whether you need assistance in planning, executing, or refining your initiatives, we are dedicated to ensuring their effectiveness and achieving impactful outcomes.
We have experience working with for-profit companies, government and nonprofit entities across North America and the globe. Interested in learning more about working with NOTA? email us at or visit our website