Diversity is a fact,
Inclusion is a Conscious Effort.

NOTA curates DE&I experiences: from one-time events featuring diverse thought leaders to programs that unlock an environment where “outside the box” ideas are heard and taken into account.

It all starts with leadership

What if the few people you’re losing are actually your best and brightest?

Looking for the right speaker for your company?

We have done all of the hard work for you, bringing to your company the brightest speakers in the industry.

Ingrid Harb

Ingrid Harb is an international speaker and founder of three globally recognized organizations, she also identifies a #MexicanAmerican.

It all starts with leadership

Looking for the right speaker for your company?

Ingrid Harb

Ingrid Harb is an international speaker and founder..

Events done by NOTA


Future is Female and Tech | Diversity & Inclusion | Cognizant

In person recruiting event in the city of Dallas,Texas. For this request we worked on the marketing, and in recruiting tech talent from the area to attend the event.

Her Time is Now presented by JP Morgan Chase

This one day in person forum was transformative for every attendee, the focus was to invite women in leadership and tech, having a total attendance of 300

First Generation Activist

This global forum was held virtually, with a total of 400 attendees, 20+ company partners and 45+ internationally recognized speakers. This forum is a forum

Desnormaliza la desigualdad de Genero

This forum series is a partnership we launched in Latin America to educate, inform and empower the LATAM community. Each digital forum sells on average 2000+

Companies working with NOTA

Companies can no longer afford to overlook cultural shortcoming by falling back on statistics or quotas. Instead, they must humanize the numbers and open the conversation internally.

What if the few people you’re losing are actually your best and brightest?

Employee turnover is expensive. From advertising and recruiting to training and lost productivity, costs add up quickly for organizations that fails to actively invest in their workforce. For a salaried worker earning $60,000 a year, your company will likely spend $45,000 to replace them. How much is it costing you?

Our work is an opportunity
for your company to:

Commit to change, even if it’s hard

78% of employees said they work at organizations that lack diversity in leadership positions. (Harvard Business Review)

Retain and Train your Workforce

67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities (Glassdoor)

Strive for Equity and Equal Representation

Higher representation of women in C-suite level positions results in 34% greater returns to shareholders. (Fast Company)

Introduce tools on how to be Inclusive Leaders

More than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity. (Glassdoor)

Shift from Diversity to Acceptance

Companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues. (Harvard Business Review)

Drive through our work

NOTA Inclusion offers strategic solutions to increase employee fulfillment and company productivity through inclusion and diversity initiatives, conferences and out of the box thinking.

Our work speaks for itself

Highlighting the numbers from our 2021 virtual Women Ambassadors Forum


Total number of attendees from corporate leaders. entrepreneurs, university students to social workers.


Total number of social shares, likes, comments, posts, messages and polls answered

83.8 K

Total number of minutes that users have had the forum platform open, whether on their mobile or web browser

606.8 K

Total number of actions across all users, including clicks, messages and posts

See what NOTA can do for You

Soniya Sheth

L’Oreal Executive Committee Member - 21 Years General Management / Marketing / Talent Management / Organizational Change

Ingrid worked with us in coordinating and executing L’Oreal USA’s annual Equity Event this year. Her incredible passion and knowledge in the area of gender equity combined with her network of female activists, entrepreneurs and influential voices enabled us in delivering our first 2-day virtual Equity Event with the top 200 leaders of our organization. Ingrid took the time to understand our key objectives and then proceeded to masterfully manage all aspects of speaker engagements, creative and production that resulted in a flawless execution of the event. Thank you Ingrid and I look forward to our continued partnership!

Kye Mitchell

Chief Operations Officer Kforce

“Ingrid is a very dynamic speaker. doing wonderful work as an activist for women. I worked with her to do a seminar for International Women’s Day for a group of female executives. She was engaging, personable, fun and so knowledgeable. She knows how to get people to connect even in a zoom virtual format. I am already looking forward to finding another opportunity to partner again with NOTA.”

Kim Kardash

Senior Inights Manager at Edelman Financial Engines

Nota Inclusion worked with the Women in Leadership committee at Edelman Financial Engines to host our Q2 event for all 1,500+ employees. Ingrid was passionate, personable, and professional. She has access to an incredible network of speakers. From the event content to logistical planning, to day-of execution, Ingrid was a fantastic partner. Together we created an educational, unique, and impactful event for EFE employees around inclusion and allyship. I would not hesitate to work with Ingrid again. I highly recommend her expertise. There is a NEED for her expertise!

Gina Bokas

Director of Technology at Nielsen

Ingrid is an incredibly powerful uplifting speaker. I admire her amazing work as an activist for women and passion to champion the women empowerment movement across the globe. I worked with her during our first global summit for the WIN (Women In Nielsen) resource business group, hosting over seven hundred associates globally. She is phenomenal, engaging, personable, energetic and so knowledgeable. She knows how to get people to connect even in a virtual format. I am already looking forward to finding another opportunity to partner again with Ingrid.

Tuesday Hagiwara

Global Director of Content Marketing at Nielsen

Ingrid's passion is infectious and her spirit indomitable. Nielsen's Women Business Resource Group, Women in Nielsen (WIN), first began working with Ingrid in early 2021. Many of our representatives attended her galvanizing event, the Women's Ambassador Forum in Spring of 2021. This forum served as a model and inspiration for our own leadership summit, which we held in September 2021. The WIN BRG and Nielsen have continued to work with Ingrid, supporting such initiatives as "Coding for a Change", not only because we believe in Ingrid's mission but because she is an inspiration to each and every one of us. She brings light to every project and hope to every story.

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