Integral Leadership

Develop what leaders need now and next.

Leading for Today and Tomorrow: Capabilities for a Changing World. Today’s business environment is more complex than ever and technology advances are redefining the face of the workforce and the skills that leaders need to lead today. The programs and solutions NOTA offers are designed to develop the skills, values and capabilities needed for the integral leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our Services

We design workshops focused on developing soft skills that support leader’s growth.

We offer programs to develop and enrich leader’s values, assisting them on their journey to becoming empathetic individuals with a focus on DEI.

We develop comprehensive programs for companies seeking to create an integrated work culture that consider the needs of all team members.

About NOTA

In 2015, our DEI journey began with the Woman Ambassadors Forum, founded by Ingrid Harb. Since then, we’ve partnered with 70+ Fortune 500 Companies, launching global programs reaching women in 150+ countries. Recognizing the need for broader transformation, we now offer organizations transformative training, immersive learning, and consulting services to foster inclusive cultures. This led to the creation of NOTA, a leading DEIAB speakers bureau, empowering Employee Resource Groups and DEI/Learning & Development departments with narratives promoting intersectionality and systemic change.

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