To succeed at creating an inclusive workplace that supports our people and the business to thrive, our wellbeing as leaders must be consistently thriving first. If our energy is fragmented in too many places and our day-to-day reality is too overwhelming, we will never have the headspace, time, lifeforce or resources we need to do things differently.

Which is why we are starting this leadership experience and training differently – with what we as managers and leaders need to create and maintain a strong, stable foundation of wellbeing within ourselves. Including how we manage and meet the needs of the now, while also creating the next, without burning ourselves or others out.

It’s an inside-out leadership approach. We focus on what we can control, influence and change in our own self-care mindset, daily and weekly micro-habits, relationship with time, and work styles and strategies. As well as the unconscious biases that drive our decision making, expectation setting and capacity to focus. As we unlearn what’s not working and learn new ways to lead, succeed and make progress, we elevate our leadership presence, and we gain the space, energy and clarity to make effective change with our people and within our organization.

    This session, facilitated by transformational leadership advisor, Christine Arylo, will include a series of self-assessments, self-reflection and group conversation to:

    • Illuminate your current Burnout and Overwhelm Blueprint – the unconscious habits, imprints, and daily choices creating unnecessary pressure, stress, drain and distraction, which keep you stuck in burnout cycles and unhealthy work and lifestyle patterns.

    • Learn how to create your Personal Foundation of Wellbeing & Resiliency, which when in place, can support you to stay clear, centered and sustained, even during times of intensity – the daily and weekly structures, rituals and practices that keep you stable and strong mind/body/hearts/spirit on the inside, no matter what’s occurring on the outside.

    • Elevate your relationship to time so you have the space to stay focused on what matters now, set sustainable expectations and acknowledge progress – the how you gain the super power to call out “toxic time” pressure and unhealthy expectations that lead to busyness and burnout to create a more sustainable path to success instead.


Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor, speaker, and bestselling author who works with conscious leaders to make shift happen — in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the impact they desire to make in the world. Marrying twenty-five years of business experience with twenty years of extensive human-consciousness training, she is known for bringing new perspectives, profound insight, and practical tools that empower people to lead within their lives, organizations, communities, and relationships differently.

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