Women are amazing. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. We are genuine and beautiful. We are kind and protective. We are innovative and nurturing. We are the greatest gift to this world. And what’s so amazing is that we are all so different.

Talk about a word that needs to be appreciated a bit more. There is such an array of women in this world; colors, races, religions, languages, and the list goes on. And ironically, we all have the same story: striving to fit in when we were meant to stand out!

Not many of us were told, as children, that we had the ability and prerogative to be different. Somehow, we missed the class on fitting every mold that society threw at us. We failed the tests to stay boxed into every statistic that was tagged to us. Yet, we continued to try because nobody eased our fears and helped us to believe that we had the right to be different and love ourselves as such.

As a Mexican-American woman, I was often made to feel like I had to choose which heritage I’d claim. I wasn’t representing one side enough for that culture and was too identical for the other. It was a horrible game and gamble that I never asked to play, but I was entrusted with it. So what did I do? I decided to go against the grain and celebrate the HERitage of all while connecting to all.

I chose to not hate one culture over the other. I chose to appreciate the fact that everyone could bring something to the table. I took advantage of the fact that I could not only bring something to the table but I could build the table and bring some other brave women along with the same capabilities. I chose to be an ally instead of being towards what I didn’t understand. I chose to remind women that we can support one another and see the beauty in our various heritages. Therefore, I created the Women Ambassadors Forum.

This organization is the most beautiful rainbow you will ever see. Every color, every creed, every religion, every woman – represented with love, authenticity, and support. This organization is all about unity, while being boldly different. It’s about advocating, mentoring, sponsoring, and holding each other accountable. It’s about the heritage of the human race.

The human race is supposed to prepare the way for the future while trusting the footsteps of the past. The human race is unafraid to embrace change while openly recognizing where change is needed. The human race is about putting all of our preferences together and helping us to see that we all really want the same thing: love, respect, honor, and truth.

That is the essence of the Women Ambassadors Forum. And that is the epitome of HERitage. HER heritage matters – whoever she is, wherever she is from, and whatever she chooses to believe. She matters.

The quicker we all can understand that, the better off we’ll be. After all, we’re only keeping our sisters from building the tables we need to eat from. So who are we really hurting?