We have done all of the hard work and source the best talent in this space. Our next speaker, Terri Trespicio, is getting ready to launch her first book “Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You (Atria/Simon & Schuster, December 2021).” and as you read the title her book was named one of the best feel-good books of 2021 by the Washington Post.

Terri Trespicio—whose TEDx talk has more than seven million views—skewers the platitudes, inverts conventional wisdom, and calls into question everything you think you need to succeed: the ever-elusive passion (fun, but fleeting), fool-proof plans (flimsy at best), and a bucket list (eye roll), to name a few.

In this fresh, counterintuitive take on career and life, Terri skewers the platitudes and explains how (and why) to flip society, culture, and the #patriarchy the bird. She walks you through her method for unhooking yourself from other people’s agendas, boning up on the skills to move you forward in any industry, and exploring your own creativity, memory, and intuition to unlock your unique path to meaning—while also confronting the challenges that stop you in your tracks, like boredom, loss, and fear.

With a blend of scientific research, compelling insights, and powerful storytelling, Terri gives you the tools you need (and the permission you crave) to dispense with the BS, toss the old advice, and lay claim to the life that’s been yours the whole time—so that you can begin to live it on your terms.

We have worked with Terri Trespicio with many of our clients, and it has always been such a great way to get your employees to learn how to speak up (Unmute themselves), give inclusive and meaningful feedback, go back to writing their own thoughts in paper and engage by showing up authentically.

If you are looking for a dynamic, funny, and engaging speaker, we couldn’t recommend Terri Trespicio more. Know that we customize our sessions with her, make sure to request her for your speaking engagement now and with your booking you will receive free copies of her new book.