What if we told you that there is different way to succeed?

What if instead of pushing, driving, striving and trying to do it all, you had the superpower and intuitive wisdom to discern what really mattered to focus on? What if instead of hitting the ground running, setting goals that stress you out and taking it all on, again, you took a step back and considered the support, time and resources you need, and set expectations— yours and others — differently this year?

What if you gave yourself permission to pace yourself instead of to push? Say NO to what’s no longer sustainable, and YES to making some changes in 2022 that may stretch you, but that ultimately empower you to make better choices for how you design your life, work and relationships?

What if we told you that one of our very own speakers, Christine Arylo can provide the wisdom, tools and resources for this reality to happen. To illuminate the deeper root causes – both systemically-created and self-generated – that cause the burnout, self-sacrifice, overwhelm and mental and emotional stress.

On her recent book, Overwhelmed and Over it she covers the perspectives, processes, inquiries and practices that elevate our thinking to a different way of working, relating, designing and managing our lives and meeting the needs of the people and communities we support.

· As we gain more self-awareness we gain the power and insight to make simple shifts in our day to day choices and bigger work and life choices, which lead to a significant shifts. Shifts that alleviate pressure, anxiety and overwhelm. And create clarity, focus and a pace that empowers us to make choices that allow us and others to feel sustained, supported and connected.

The work and programs we are launching with Christine help create meaningful connection, supportive space, and time in between to experiment with new solutions, practices tools and perspectives. As well as self-exploration and deeper levels of self and systemic awareness.

If you are looking for programs that support the well being of your leaders and employees, make sure to send us an email to contact@womenaf.org

Know that this is so much more than just inspiration, these are real tools and wisdom.