Top Expert Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Speakers

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Ingrid Harb

Topic : Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Career Mapping, Building Resilience, Empowering Latinas

Azure Antoinette

Topic : Disability Rights, Being an Ally, Pride at work

Valerie Alexander

Topic : Unconscious Bias, Privilege, Inclusion at work, Advancement of Women

Terri Trespicio

Topic : Creativity as a Skill, Beyond Commodity, Building Inclusive Remote Teams

Ashley Smith

Topic : Mental Health, Meditation, Healing, Reconnecting with your why

Sara Canaday

Topic : How to Lead in our Fast-Isn’t-Fast Enough World, Powerful Habits that Give Rise to Lead…

Nilima Bhat

Topic : Embracing Feminine & Masculine Power in Business, Shakti Leadership, Why lead…

Tiffany Yu

Topic : Gender Equality, Leading Impactful work, Democracy Governance

Melene Rossouw

Topic : Gender Equality, Leading Impactful work, Democracy, Governance.

Tiffany Vitale

Topic : Mental Health Empowerment

Lida Citroen

Topic : Building Influence, Inspiration and Impact with Your Team, Creating an Influential a…

Kailee Scaeles

Topic : The Transformative Power of Social Media to Change the World, Our History: How We Can…

Naomi Sesay

Topic : The Power Of Inclusive & Immersive Storytelling, Creating An Inclusive and Diverse Work..

Ashley T. Brundage

Topic : Empowering Differences, Leadership Strategy, LGBTQ+ Equality, Authenticity, Inspiration…

Gina Kloes

Topic : 5 steps to transform your mindset to accelerate productivity and achieve real entrepreneurial…

Diana Osagie

Topic : The courage needed for leadership – how to lead with honesty and resilience when…

Amanda Gore

Topic : THE BIG RE-SET - How to Re-Inspire, Re-Focus and Re-Store meaning, THE POWER OF JOY…

Adrienne Lucas

Topic : Diversity & Inclusion (Women's Leadership, Privilege, Race..

Sheliza Jamal

Topic : Founder and Executive Director, educator, speaker , and equity and Inclusion Coach.

Claudia Romo Edelman

Topic : Trends and data of the Hispanic Market as an opportunity for consumers and employees

Raven Solomon

Topic : Generations, Racial Equity, and The Intersection

Allison Shapira

Topic : Build your Executive Presence: Speak with Authority and Authenticity

Lacey Henderson

Topic : Paralympian, advocate, speaker, host, storyteller, comedian, influenced, Model, and person.

Roy Gluckman

Topic : EDI Foundations: Why is EDI Important?

Rania H. Anderson

Topic : Conscious Inclusion, The intentional role men, managers and leaders need to take to…

Sarafina El-Badry Nance

Topic : Women Empowering Women: Strength & Disruption in Nonprofit, Business and STEM, Pursuing Your Dreams

Mark Travis Rivera

Topic : Coping with Shame, Embracing Yourself, Embracing Your Potential, Love is an Act of Leadership...

Shola Kaye

Topic : Empathy + inclusion, Empathy + racial awareness, Empathy skills for leaders…

Furkan Karayel

Topic : Inclusive Intelligence, Building Inclusion in the Workplace, Women in Tech , Cultural Wisdom

Christine Arylo


Sidney Frye II

Topic : In [OVER] my Head, Courageous Conversations, Resiliency: Retelling our Story...

Matt Lindley

Topic : Mental Health, Resilience - how to weather the storm, Being your authentic self

Cheryl Wills

Topic : Juneteenth, Genealogy, Career Empowerment, She Leads

Laura Liswood

Topic : Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion and Equity Description: Looking at the myths...

Catarina Rivera

Topic : Fireside Chats, Presentations/Trainings, Workshops

Jia Jiang

Topic : What you can learn from 100 days of rejection, The Power of Rejection

Max Masure

Topic : Supporting Trans and Gender Non-conforming Folks

Elke Geraerts

Topics: The Mental Resets, Mental resilience, Authentic Intelligence

Kimberlee Williams

Topic : Keynote-Canceling the Microaggression

Thresette Briggs

Topics: Becoming a Belonging Leader, Building High-Performing Leaders...

Zaheer Ahmad

Topics: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Culture and Leadership, Race, Gender and Socio-Economic Background

Deketa Tranae Cobb

Topics: Resilience- as a key component to sustainable success, Positioning Yourself for Leadership,...

Geralyn Lucas

Topics: Surviving cancer or any other setback, Finding self esteem, Women's health advocacy, Fun girls' night out

Deepa Purushothaman

Topics: Moving Beyond the Inclusion Delusion, Women of Color Redefining Power in Corporate America