There is a lot of information you can find on DEI, but very rarely you will find applicable resources and tools that you and your team can use. More specifically, resources, templates, speakers, workshops and assessments your ERGs or Affinity Groups can use to run their groups successfully.

After years of working with companies and having calls after calls with ERG leaders struggling to produce content, create a vision and run their groups we have decided to take matters into our hands and provide with a full service library they can use as they navigate their roles building their ERG.

This library can also be helpful for HR departments that do not have their own DEI department, but they need the resources and guidance to support and elevate their groups.

We have experienced the power of when ERG leaders get support, when they have resources to bring their vision to life, and when they feel sustained throughout the year. Companies are asking too much out of them, and let’s not forget that their roles are unpaid. This is an opportunity to provide them with ease, support and the resources to be successful.

We are not only making it easy for you to find the resources they need, but our differentiator is we have created and designed practical resources, graphic designs and processes that we have developed and tested throughout the years.

Here is what to expect from our library of assets:

-Articles: the articles that we will be including in our platform will be educational, narratives, poems and content you can share with your audience. They will also be divided by diversity awareness month, so that ERGs or DEI departments can best use them. Rather than scrambling and trying to create content to share, we will have them all ready to go for you to just click send. We will also have the option to develop specific copy you and your team may need.

-Scripts: Now this one is something usually no one thinks about, but when you are producing events and conferences, you often find yourself spending so much time on what the structure of the event will be, but also how you can make it meaningful besides a simple introduction. You will now have access to templates with copy for every diversity awareness month, and specific to each DEI topic. There will also be an option here for us to customize your own copy.

-Tedx: We know that this is an easy one you can look up on your own, however we will be including the talks of speakers we directly work with, along with exercises and templates you can send out when sharing their talks. You will also have the option to hire them for a session at your company.

-Inclusive Graphic Assets: How many times have you had to create/design your own illustration? and you find yourself with no time left and having to sacrifice the quality of the graphic. We have seen it all, which is why we have worked on developing every template from zoom/teams backdrops, invite graphics, presentation templates that are aligned to each diversity awareness month. Again, with this option you will be able to request for specific designs.

Process Outlines: Most ERGs don’t know how to get started, what sponsor to choose if they have a choice, how to name their group? how to be inclusive. We have developed processes, and know how sheets that your team can use to run their groups, structure them and understand all of the process and ways they can make impact.

How are you feeling by reading all of this?

We are curious to see what you and your groups need, comment below or message us to see if there is something specific that you need now before the start of the new year.

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Besides resources, there will also be an opportunity for office hours, sessions hosted with our speakers and much more. Stay tuned, make sure you subscribe!