Companies that invest in development programs for their employees reap great benefits such as: increased talent retention, productivity boost, higher ROI, reduced workplace stress, among others.

At NOTA Inclusion, we believe that our greatest asset is our people, and we are committed to providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive.

Our Work
We support companies in the implementation of programs, workshops, and content aimed at fostering the professional and personal development of their employees.

Workshops Available
*We can also customize any of these options.

1 Session of 1.5hrs
In this workshop, individuals will achieve an understanding of their work style and that of their collaborators, supervisors, clients, suppliers, and colleagues. This will enable them to develop strategies and effectively address the challenges of daily tasks, while understanding strengths and areas for improvement.

3 Sessions of 1.5hrs each

In this workshop, we teach tools for designing conversations that lead individuals to achieve their goals, with a win-win approach.

    SESSION 1 | The Impact of my conversations on my relationships.

    Recognizing characteristics of high-performance teams today. Strengthening my ability to accept diversity as a strength in my relationships. Knowing tools to choose my way of communicating.

    SESSION 2 | The Art of Listening
    * Identifying the obstacles that prevent me from listening.
    * Experiencing the power of listening in conversations.
    * Knowing tools to strengthen my ability to listen with empathy.

    SESSION 3 | Design my conversations, exercise my power.
    * Discover the generative power of language.
    * Visualize the power of my conversations in creating my identity.
    * Know tools to design my conversations.

3 Sessions of 1.5hrs each.

In this workshop, individuals will learn to recognize and understand their emotions in order to guide their actions, manage relationships with others, and thus lead a fuller life.

SESSION 1 | Emotions, the brain and my health
* Understanding what emotions are and how our brain is involved in their management.
* Reflecting on the importance of managing my emotions for my health and well-being.
* Recognizing my ability to manage my thoughts in handling my emotions.

SESSION 2 | Habits for Emotional Health

* Recognizing my body as a tool to heal my emotions.
* Listening to my inner voices to enhance my emotional health.
* Choosing habits that improve my emotional health.

SESSION 3 | Tools for managing my emotions.
* Practicing techniques for emotional management.
* Recognizing assertiveness as an emotional management tool.

3 Sessions of 1.5hrs each.
In this workshop, the team will establish the foundations for coordinating actions and thus improve participation and collaboration towards achieving results.

    SESSION 1 | The new paradigm of work teams.
    * Recognizing characteristics of high-performance teams today.
    * Identifying the evolution of individuals in work teams.
    * Understanding interdependence as a key factor in teams.

    SESSION 2 | Leadership Styles
    * Agile leadership skills.
    * Happiness at work.
    * Flexibility as the foundation for exercising my leadership in teams.

    SESSION 3 | Coordination of effective actions
    * Trust as the basis of coordination.
    * Effective requests and offers.
    * Assertiveness as the foundation for team learning.

Investing in your team is not just an expense; it’s an investment in the future success of your company. Give your team the opportunities they deserve to grow, learn, and thrive. Register for our workshops today and empower your team for a brighter tomorrow. Together, let’s build a culture of continuous improvement and success!

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