From Engaging Religious Diversity in the Workplace to creating a culture of empathy. Our two newest speakers are America’s foremost experts on religious diversity, empathy and bridgebuilding.

Introducing our newest speakers:

Eboo Patel

    Eboo Patel is a widely acclaimed civic leader who believes that religious diversity is an essential and inspiring dimension of American democracy.

    Named “one of America’s best leaders” by US News and World Report, Eboo is Founder and President of IA, the leading interfaith organization in the United States. Under his leadership, IA has worked with governments, universities, private companies, and civic organizations to make faith a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. He served on President Obama’s Inaugural Faith Council, has given hundreds of keynote addresses, and has written five books, including “We Need to Build: Fieldnotes for Diverse Democracy” published in May 2022. He is an Ashoka Fellow and holds a doctorate in the sociology of religion from Oxford University, where he studied on a Rhodes scholarship. Eboo lives in Chicago with his wife, Shehnaz, and two sons.

      * Engaging Religious Diversity in the Workplace
      * Faith Friendly Organizations Mitigate Risk
      * And more..

Liesel Mertes

    Liesel Mertes is an acclaimed workplace empathy expert. Having experienced her own loss and struggle, Liesel emerged with a deep understanding of what employees need to feel supported at work after a disruptive life event. As the Founder of Handle with Care, Liesel works with groups that want to boost employee satisfaction as well as attract and retain better talent.

    Liesel works with companies spanning industries, from RV manufacturers to diplomats to tech companies, both locally and internationally. Her favorite clients are forward-thinking organizations who know the value in supporting their employees with empathy and compassion.

    Her expertise is broad—loss, returning to work, cultivating resilience, change and compassion fatigue, how empathy impacts the brain—and no disruption is considered less significant. On these topics, Liesel is a dedicated speaker, writer, consultant, and host of the Handle With Care podcast.

    Liesel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has worked in Nairobi, consulted in Fiji and led cohorts in Ghana. Her adventures brought her to Indiana, where she is a proud mother, wife and lover of time spent on the water.
    Through her actionable strategies, real life stories and passionate commitment, Liesel helps people survive, stabilize and thrive in the aftermath of adversity.
    She is a commissioner for the New Mexico State Personnel Review Board, a board advisor for EDGE, and a member of the Washington DC region Metro Transit Police Investigative Review Panel.

    Liesel Mertes – Workplace Empathy Consultant from Cameron Sprinkle on Vimeo.

      * How to Create a Culture of Empathy at Work
      * Survive, Stabilize, Thrive: Combatting Change and Compassion Fatigue at Work
      * Empathy and Hard Conversations
      * Making Meaning After Loss
      * How to Cultivate Resilience on Your Team
      * Maximizing Performance Reviews to Boost Connection and Productivity
      * Listen to Your Body: “How ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Left Me Burned Out and Sick
      * Empathy and Parenting: How to Help Our Children in and Through Times of Disruption

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