February is already here, As we celebrate Black History Month, know that these conversations and sessions need to happen year long. Here’s a list of speakers that can take your employees to connect with black history deeper.

Celebrating Voices:

Raven Solomon – Speaker, Author, Researcher, Founder

With an insightful understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Raven Solomon’s work resonates through her compelling narratives and thought-provoking discussions.

Michaela Ayers – Advocate of Artistic DEI

Michaela Ayers brings a unique perspective centered around creativity, communication, and community, infusing a creative lens into diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations.

Dena Simmons – Lifelong Activist, TEDx Speaker

As a lifelong advocate and curriculum developer, Dena Simmons champions educational equity and inclusivity through impactful talks and advocacy.

Thando Hopa – Fashion Model, Diversity Advocate

Thando Hopa’s powerful advocacy and representation in the fashion industry contribute to the conversation about diversity and representation.

Azure Antoinette – Poet, Brand Humanist

Azure Antoinette’s poetry and storytelling emphasize human connection, making her a captivating voice for inclusivity and empathy.

Diana Osagie – Leader, Author, Speaker

Diana Osagie’s leadership insights and innovative approach to education and empowerment resonate profoundly.

Shola Kaye – Keynote Speaker

Shola Kaye’s expertise in communication and cultural intelligence adds value to discussions about diversity and inclusion.

Kimberlee Williams Williams – Award-Winning Author

An author whose works on diversity and cultural understanding bring a fresh perspective to the DEI conversation.

John Watkis – Author and Thought Leader

John Watkis’ writings and thought leadership offer a rich exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in various contexts.

Nyadol Nyuon – Vocal Advocate

Nyadol Nyuon’s passionate advocacy and vocal activism are pillars in promoting inclusivity and equality.

Areva Martin – Influencer, Content Creator

Areva Martin’s influential content creation advocates for justice, equality, and inclusivity across platforms.

Charles Clark – International Speaker, Athlete
Charles Clark’s inspiring journey and his work as an international speaker inspire discussions about diversity and perseverance.

Akilah Cadet – Founder and CEO
Akilah Cadet’s leadership and insights into workplace diversity and mental health advocacy make her an impactful voice in the DEI landscape.

Deanna Singh – Entrepreneur, Speaker
Deanna Singh’s entrepreneurial spirit and engaging talks empower individuals to embrace diversity and innovation.

Jackie Glenn – Chief Diversity Officer
Jackie Glenn’s expertise in leading diversity initiatives and promoting inclusive cultures is highly influential.

Lola Adeyemo – Workplace Inclusion Advocate
Lola Adeyemo’s TEDx talks and advocacy foster a culture of inclusion and belonging in workplaces.

Glen Guyton – Cultural Competency Navigator
Glen Guyton’s expertise in cultural competency and training guides organizations in fostering inclusive environments.

Omari Jahi Aarons – Leadership Coach, Speaker
Omari Jahi Aarons’ coaching and speaking engagements drive conversations about leadership and diversity.

Dr. Marcus Collins – Award-Winning Cultural Translator
Dr. Marcus Collins’ insights into cultural translation and market dynamics offer valuable perspectives on diversity.

Glenn Simmons Jr – Professor, Speaker
Glenn Simmons Jr’s teachings and speaking engagements explore the intersections of diversity and leadership.

Samuel Collins III – Financial Consultant, Historian
Samuel Collins III’s expertise in finance and history provides diverse perspectives on economic equity and cultural understanding.

Daina Ramey Berry – Historian, Academic
Daina Ramey Berry’s research and academic contributions deepen our understanding of African American history.

Tiffany “Doc” Jana – DEI Consultant, Author
Tiffany “Doc” Jana’s consulting and writings foster inclusive workplaces through actionable strategies.

Cheryl Wills – TV Host, Author
Cheryl Wills’ work in journalism and authorship emphasizes the stories and legacies of African American leaders.

These inspiring voices bring forth a wealth of knowledge, experience, and inspiration, embodying the spirit of Black History Month. Their dedication to empowerment, education, and advancement echoes the essence of inclusivity and diversity.

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