Pre-pandemic we worked with Cognizant an American multinational technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services to host a recruiting event for their Dallas office.

    The first time we met with their team, they wanted to source diverse talent in a way that was interactive, engaging and inspirational.

    Since our team has worked extensively in putting together diversity, equity and Inclusion conferences, we worked on designing an in person event in Dallas but produced under our global organization Women Ambassadors Forum.

    That way we could tap into diverse talent in Dallas through our extensive network and partnerships. Here is how we ensured over 150 women showed up.

  1. 1. Build Inclusive Branding: this is a super important step in developing or crafting an event, why? Because the name of the event and branding will determine if people attend your event or not.Something that we have noticed is when we build branding that speaks to all people, our audience pool will be diverse.An example of this is picking a name such as “The future of Tech is Female” which if you know, female does not necessarily mean women, it represents the qualities of belonging and inclusion that the workplace needs more of such as vulnerability, intuition, empathy to name a few.
  2. 2. Establish Local Partnerships: This step is crucial, especially if you are looking at hosting an event in a city where you don’t have that big of a presence. It’s crucial that you find local organizations that represent various demographics and populations.Find ways to highlight them at your event, give them space to speak or even donate to their non-profit. This way you can ensure to have people from various backgrounds attend, and by partnering with a local organization you can guarantee that.
  3. 3. Find Media Partners: Now, this is why hosting it under our organization “Women Ambassadors Forum” is easier than directly through the company, why?Because to get media attention you don’t have to pay the same as if you were to do it under a company. We also have a very organic media presence, and this allows us to get free press coverage on events we host, partner and launch.This scenario would be very different if it were hosted under a company name.
  4. 4. Offer Value: Rather than just organizing an event where people network and have a couple of drinks, think about a speaker or dynamic that will help you get to know the audience.We held a mediation, a dynamic session and then gave the company time to share with the audience trends, upcoming opportunities and a specific topic that is exciting and innovative.We cringe when we see companies give that old boring slide presentation about their company. Think outside of the box, share innovative ideas that your company is leading. This will guarantee interest from the audience.
  5. If you are looking for the right partner to help produce, design and build the experience– you are in the right place. Make sure to send us a message through our website, we would love to see how we can bring value to your organization.

    Nota Inclusion.