International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th March every year, and it is a day that is dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the achievements of women throughout history. International Women’s Day is a day that women from all backgrounds and cultures can come together to promote women’s rights and raise awareness for women’s issues.

Around the world, International Women’s Day is celebrated in different ways. Below you will find the ways it is celebrated in many different countries around the world. We have an opportunity to learn first hand from our global community Women AF.


In Berlin it’s a holiday, all shops are closed. The other German states don’t have a holiday today.

We usually get roses e.g. at the counter of a supermarket or people who walk around hand out roses. It’s different in different states here. But here in Berlin are also big protests where mostly leftists, women*/FLINTA*/LGBTQ+ and marginalized groups and their/our allies go to.

For us it’s a celebration and you basically tell your friends, family and peers “Happy Women’s/FLINTA* Day”

International Women's Day in Berlin

International Women’s Day In Berlin


In Mexico we commemorate the women, specially those who died in what we call femicide. Women dedicate this day to continue to bring awareness into the injustices and inequalities that exist for women in the country.

International Women’s Day in Mexico


Although there are no specific traditions that take place in the UK, lots of events are held each year for International Women’s Day, including workshops, talks, and demonstrations. The day is treated as a chance to discuss women’s rights and raise awareness for the fight against gender discrimination.

International Women's Day in UK

International Women’s Day in UK


In Argentina is pretty much the same as in Mexico. We march, protest and try to make our situation visible.

There is a woman dying every 26 hours because of gender-based violence, there are rapes everyday.

We also talk about domestic labour, about care work, etc..and if the job allows it, women don’t work today (both at home and on their public jobs), to show how much invisible work there is.

Kosovo and Canada

In Kosovo we protest and march but also celebrate the women in our lives. In Canada seems like they only celebrate it here. While growing up in my country we only celebrated 8th of March as a mother’s day, so we’d get flowers and celebrate mothers only, but the last few years it changed to all women


In Malawi, the first lady and the minister of Gender and Social welfare hold an event to celebrate women(some attend, most just see it on TV). Apart from this it’s just any normal day and no holiday.

International Women's Day in Malawi

International Women’s Day celebration in Malawi


Every year in Pakistan there is Aurat March (Aurat in Urdu is Women) across the country in big cities and I have been part of only one in Karachi two years back.

International Women’s Day established itself as an official holiday in Bulgaria with the arrival of the Socialist regime in 1944, but its popularity grew immensely in the 1960s.
Nowadays the holiday is mostly about celebrating and showing appreciation to all women, especially mothers. Women receive flowers, chocolates and cards from their loved ones. In schools, children would give flowers or handmade cards to their teachers, and they create cards in class that would then be given to their mothers. Many companies even buy red roses for each of their female employees, possibly combined with a card!

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day in Polonia

These are just some of the ways this day is either celebrated or used as an opportunity to continue to commemorate and fight for progress. Share in the comments how your country celebrates this day?