ERG Unifying branding

Did you know that…one way companies achieve DE&I is through communities of Inclusion- employee-led groups that promote diversity and a culture of belonging.

These communities provide a safe space for employees to discuss topics and participate in activities. And when it comes to branding, they rely on makeshift logos that vary widely in quality and consistency. Sad, we know..

Our solution
Our role is to design inclusive brands that are suitable for the company’s visual package in order to have consistency and alignment between all groups and their graphic content.

1. Finding the Guiding Concept: The first step involves discovering the essence of each Employee Resource Group (ERG). We do this by filling out a detailed questionnaire and organizing a participatory workshop. During this workshop, we collaborate with ERG members to capture the unique essence and values of each group, aiming to translate these characteristics into a coherent visual image.

2. Creating the Initial Visual Approach: Using the collected information, we develop a general “feeling” for the logo system. This initial approach includes preliminary sketches and proposed color palettes that reflect the identity and values of the ERGs. This initial design is presented for approval, ensuring it resonates with all stakeholders and follows the company’s guidelines.

3. Adapting Each ERG Logo to the Main Visual System: Once the general concept is approved, we adapt each individual ERG logo to maintain its unique essence while following the guiding concept. Each logo is adjusted within the unified visual system, ensuring consistency and visual harmony across the entire series of logos.

4.Final Delivery: In the final phase, we present the brand guidelines for each logo, detailing proper usage and applications. These guidelines include visual examples (mock-ups) demonstrating how the logos can be used in various contexts, ensuring consistent and effective implementation across all corporate media and materials.

Words in action

Imagine the impact of cohesive, professional branding that truly reflects the importance and mission of these groups.

Don’t let inconsistent logos undermine the value of your inclusion efforts.

Ready to empower your employee-led groups with unified, high-quality branding?

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Let’s make a lasting impact together!

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