In the last couple of year’s, as events around the world have heightened interest in social justice, diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs have been such an important outlet for employees. According to HR Dive, a magazine that covers news and trends shaping the human resources industry, the number of employers planning to offer diversity-related training jumped from 50% in 2021 compared to 35% the year before. Similarly, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that 62% of HR professionals they surveyed said their organization “plans to take action to combat racial inequities.”

Hosting a DEI program, or having a set of programs throughout the year represents the company’s approach and commitment to diversity, equity and Inclusion, and should be in alignment with the company’s core values, goals, trainings and practices.

Before you go from an impulsive idea to take action, which is typically the way most programs and companies run their programs, we start with intention, and thoughtful reflection. Throughout this process you want to involve us 🙂, your DEI committee team, and any key player that could help bring awareness and share their own thoughts on what they personally need to receive. Now, in this process it’s important that you involve people from different backgrounds, to ensure that you are being inclusive in the process.

And it’s a good idea to build this program around the experiences of underrepresented groups by creating an environment where all employees are part of designing it.

For long-term success, companies or organizations will want to develop a comprehensive program that guides them through the steps of creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace for months and years to come.

If your company or organization is planning to create a DEI program, remember that you don’t have to have all of the answers before taking the first, positive steps.

To know what the rest of the process looks like visit our website or contact our team to learn more about how we can start producing life changing experiences that you didn’t know your company needed.