Brenda Feigen is a lawyer and feminist icon who co-founded Ms. magazine with Gloria Steinem, as well as the National Women’s Political Caucus. And together with Ginsburg, she co-directed the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project.

Brenda is also crusader for feminism and women’s rights, has long guided and shifted the discussion and progress made for women over the last few decades in the U.S. Having survived cancer, Ms. Feigen has much to say on law, health, and women in America.

Speaking/Sessions Include:

    * Feminist Jurisprudence today: Brenda talks about her experience being one half of famous feminist straight couple to finding herself, now married to a woman for 30+ years.
    * Evolution of LBGTQ rights: She shares with the audience her role in the LBGTQ rights evolution.
    * Sexual Harassment: from Harvard Law School’s Ladies Days to producing NAVY SEALS in sexist Hollywood
    * Fulfilling your potential – working in the most confident, competent and thriving version of yourself
    * Breast cancer – She shares how she survived breast cancer.
    * The Wheel of Feminism – my new theory of what it means to be a feminist, incorporating women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, anti-Semitism, climate crisis, plus much more that you have to care about to call yourself a feminist.
    * The effect of the Trans and Non-binary Movement on Feminism and Women’s rights, including effects on women’s sports and women’s prisons.

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