In order to support, advance and invest in not only black businesses but people, we must understand the history of white supremacy, racial inequality and how our bias could be playing a role in widening the racial wealth gap. For #BlackBusinessMonth here are some of the speaker we manage and recommend for your company or event.

Dr. Akilah Cadet


      * Understanding privilege and foundational concepts related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and anti-racism
      * How to become an accomplice (and understanding the difference between being an ally and an accomplice)
      * Managing with inclusion
      * Understanding privilege as a leader and building an inclusive, anti-racist organization
      * Striving for harmony, not balance, at work
      * Reconnecting to joy for BIPOC
      * Empowering women of color in the workplace
      * Empowering inclusive leaders
      * Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable
      * Organizational development & change management
      * Disability & invisible/chronic illness awareness and advocacy
      * Dismantling white supremacy

Areva Martin


      * ­­­­Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
      * Workplace Issues
      ­­­­* Women in Leadership
      ­­­­* Social Justice, Civil Rights and Activism
      ­­­* Nonprofit Stewardship
      * ­­­­Mentoring
      ­­­­* Entrepreneurship

Kimberlee Williams


      * Different approach, different results-Radical Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace
      * Dear White Woman, Please Come Home
      * Bypassing Bias by Taking Your Inventory
      * An Open Conversation on Race
      * Talking to your children about race

Cheryl Wills


      * Juneteenth: The Descendant of a Civil War Soldier explains why Juneteenth Matters with a riveting PowerPoint presentation.
      * Genealogy: How uncovering one’s past – empowers your future
      * Career Empowerment: How to carve your own path in industry
      * She Leads: Winning Formulas for Women of Color to Win

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