We know that this year companies and employee resource groups (ERGs) are looking to hire speakers and experiences that inspire but also provide the right set of tools for their audience. We’ve had many conversations with Hispanic/Latin ERGs about this year’s awareness month, and how they can bring intersectionality and diversity into their activities. Our work as a speakers bureau and DEI production/consulting company is to curate, design and produce the most authentic, unique but also human experience for our clients. This year we want your company and ERG group to experience them too. Here is a list of the speaker’s we have customized sessions with, if there is any specific experience you want to learn more about (the clock is ticking) make sure to email us to see how you can host it.

    1. Julissa Arce (Keynote or Interactive Q/A session w/breakout rooms)


National Best Selling Author, Speaker, Social Justice Advocate and Former Wall
Street Executive

Workshop focused on her latest books:

    * You Sound Like a White Girl: The Case for Rejecting Assimilation
    * Entre Las Sombras Del Sueño Americano

Julissa Arce is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and social justice advocate who, with America Ferrera, is currently developing and executive producing a television series for a major network optioned from her bestselling memoir, My (Underground) American Dream.

Her young adult memoir, Someone Like Me is used in classrooms across the country. Her new book, You Sound Like a White Girl: The Case for Rejecting Assimilation is a dual polemic and manifesto, where Julissa dives into and tears apart the lie that assimilation leads to belonging.

Instead Julissa offers a bold new promise: Belonging only comes through celebrating yourself, your history, your culture, and everything that makes you uniquely you. Only in turning away from the white gaze can we truly make America beautiful. An America where difference is celebrated, heritage is shared and embraced, and belonging is for everyone. Through unearthing veiled history and reclaiming her own identity, Julissa shows us how to do this.

She was named one of People en Español’s 25 Most Powerful Woman of 2017 and 2022 and 2019 Woman of the Year by the City of Los Angeles. She is a leading voice in the fight for social justice, immigrant rights and education equality. Julissa has contributed to The New York Times, TIME, Buzzfeed News, Crooked Media, CNBC, and is one of the hosts of Crooked Conversations. She has provided political commentary across numerous TV networks including NBC News, Bloomberg TV, CNN, and MSNBC.

In order to help other young people in similar circumstances, Julissa co-founded the Ascend Educational Fund (AEF). AEF is a college scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students in New York City, regardless of their ethnicity, national original or immigration status. She also serves on the board of directors of the National Immigration Law Center. She was officially sworn in as an American citizen in August of 2014. Julissa

    2. Decolonizing our diet by Chef Elizabeth Johnson


“Elizabeth Johnson believes that if food can cause disease, it also has the capability to heal ourselves and our communities.”

Storytelling workshop, understanding the Mesoamerican diet and the ways the people of the Americans used to eat, their own rituals around food- relating this to the ayurveda diet- to the roots of our ancestors.*This includes an Ayurveda smoothie workshop and recipe

Workshop focused on: Getting back to our ancestors ancient way of cooking (health and wellness) focused on the diet of Mesoamerica

This workshop is going to be a combination of a lecture, with a portion of it being a smoothie recipe that is linked to years of Elizabeth’s research and the Mesoamerican diet

3. Catarina Rivera (Interactive workshop or Keynote w/ Q&A)

Speaker Catarina Rivera
Catarina works with companies to improve accessibility and inclusion, retain employees, and
design better products.

She is the founder of Blindish Latina, a platform smashing disability stigmas through storytelling and advocacy. Catarina has worn hearing aids from a young age and was diagnosed with progressive vision loss at 17 years old. She has a BA from Duke University, an MSEd from Bank Street College of Education, and an MPH from Hunter College. Catarina is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (IAAP). She is a member of Respect
Ability’s National Disability Speakers Bureau and Keynote Women’s Global Speakers Directory.

She has worked with over 40+ clients since launching her company and has been featured in Nasdaq, Authority Magazine, and as one of the top 21 DEI influencers of 2021. Past clients have included HarperCollins Publishers, LinkedIn, Hachette Book Group, Whole30, Grant Thornton, and BCG Digital Ventures. Catarina is committed to social justice.

Description for Catarina’s workshops:

[Fireside Chat] Intersectionality: Perspective of a Professional, Disabled, Latine Woman 

    * Customized live discussion about the intersectionality of womanhood and Latinidad with disability.
    Storytelling approach.
    * The benefits of a fireside chat are that many different topics can be discussed and it creates an informal and inviting space, which can help encourage attendance.
    * Will be hosted by an internal stakeholder from your company.
    * Catarina will send a question bank and then final questions will be determined collaboratively.
    * Time for Q&A
    * This is a 60 min event with 40-45 min of fireside chat discussion, 10-15 min Q&A, and 5 min for opening/closing. * * There is no cap on attendees.

[Presentation] A Practical Introduction to Disability Awareness + Intersectionality

    * Learn what ableism is and the role it plays.
    * Grow in awareness about disability overall, including the definition of disability.
    * Understand how to avoid microaggressions and use inclusive language.
    * Learn the definition of intersectionality, why it’s important, and how it applies in different contexts.
    * Identify 1 clear action you will take to be more inclusive right away.
    * This is a 60 min presentation with 45 min of content, 10 min Q&A, and 5 min for opening/closing. There is no cap on attendees for presentations.

[Presentation] Disability Inclusion Made Simple

    * Define disability inclusion and why it makes a difference.
    * Understand barriers to achieving disability inclusion in the workplace.
    * Share actionable best practices for inclusion across different settings and contexts.
    * Learn practical best practices for being an inclusive manager and leader.
    * This is a 60 min presentation with 45 min of content, 10 min Q&A, and 5 min for opening/closing. There is no cap on attendees for presentations.
    Additional sessions are also available such as “Unpacking Ableism in the Workplace.”

4. The Power of Unlearning with Ingrid Harb (NOTA’s founder)


This is an interactive workshop that takes the audience on a journey of unlearning bias, understanding intersectionality and ways they can unlearn the limitations/imprints set within.

“For the majority of our lives, we’ve all been told what to think or believe or accept – usually at the hands (or mouth) of someone else. We have allowed every part of our existence to be shaped by the words, emotions, and experiences of someone else. We have no idea who we are or what we could really become because we haven’t learned that there is more to us. We haven’t grasped the concept of unlearning the familiar and walking into true intelligence and innovation.”

Ingrid is an International speaker and founder of three globally recognized organizations. She also identifies as a #MexicanAmerican. Throughout her upbringing, neither country accepted her wholeheartedly, deciding she was always “too much” of one culture and not enough of the other. This limiting belief didn’t stop Ingrid, and she relays the message that it shouldn’t stop you either. At only 28 Ingrid has raised 500k+ funds, partnered with over 50 Fortune 500 Companies to help produce intersectional experiences and trainings that promote Inclusive Workplaces and has led over 40+ global forums and local forums that have reached women from over 135 countries. Since the pandemic, Ingrid officially registered a non-profit organization with the support of Gerdau to provide free coding education to teenagers from marginalized groups.

Ingrid is currently developing online global (DE&I) certificates with University of South Florida. Her agency Nota Inclusion continues to grow, supporting DE&I departments of companies like L’Oreal, Nielsen, Cognizant, Edelman Financial Engines, and Kforce to name a few.

Additional Experiences include (Poets, Musicians, Chefs)

5. Daniella Mass (Former Contestant of America’s got Talent, Famous Colombian Musician)
We like to work with Daniella to either open or close your workshop, that way you include the element of music which will always open up the attendee’s hearts.


6. Jocelyn Ramirez (Chef)
Interactive cooking experience w/ingredients- option to buy her cookbook.

7. Tiffany Vitale (Poetry, Afro-Latina)
Tiffany will customize a poem for your session that will leave your attendees wanting more. We also like to work with tiffany before a session starts or afterwards to close the session.

Hispanic Heritage Month is around the corner, don’t wait any longer to contact our team if you would want to bring any of the experiences shared above with your company. Email us at contact@notainclusion.com We look forward to seeing how we can support you!