One of the biggest unconscious sources of burnout, overwhelm and lack of engagement and satisfaction stems from what we call “Achievers Amnesia.” Over the course of a year, we give so much to so many people and projects. We do so much to manage the daily demands, while also striving for growth & goals. Yet, we forget how much we actually accomplish.

We don’t see or acknowledge the progress made. We focus on what remains undone. As result, we don’t actually feel the results and impact our effort, energy and time has made. So we end the year depleted and start the new year already feeling behind.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as leaders and the people in our teams is to take a ‘Power Pause’ at the end of the year – where we reflect on our achievements and accomplishments, personally and professionally, as individuals and as a team.

“When you pause to reflect on all you have done and become in a year, you see and feel the results of the energy and time you’ve given. You gain the clarity to focus the last several weeks of the year on what really matters. You give yourself permission to start downshifting, so instead of crashing into the end of the year or draining yourself with the holiday craziness, you start the new year restored and ready for the next.”

In this interactive session, you will be led through an illuminating 4-part process that gives you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and clarity – both personally and professionally.

    Remember & acknowledge what’s happened this year including the:

      1. Impact you’ve had professionally and personally – in projects, results & people
      2. Completions & the progress made on goals and intentions – celebrate the successes
      3. Challenges faced and met – how you showed up, stretched and grew

    2. REVEAL & RELEASE: Name the shorts and stressors – challenges, disappointments, over-
    efforting/in-efficiencies, misses, unmet goals – from the year.

      1. Release the energy behind the stressor and short.
      2. Reveal the Wisdom gained.
      3. Reset your mindset and expectations to complete 2023 clear and start 2024 lighter.

    3. RESET & REFLOW: Consciously apply the practice of “downshifting” your pace for the remainder of the year. Get clear on what’s most important for you and your team to focus energy, time and
    resources on, including:

      1. Release holiday/end of the year to-do’s that drain or deplete.
      2. Reflow projects/to do’s that can wait until next year.
      3. Reset focus to projects, activities and connections that provide the most return.

    4. RELAX & RESTORE: Create space and structure for yourself and your team to relax, restore, and
    regenerate. So you can all start of next year feeling clear, confident, and restored, ready to meet the adventure ahead.

Our NOTA facilitators:

Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor, speaker, and bestselling author who works with conscious leaders to make shift happen — in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the impact they desire to make in the world. Marrying twenty-five years of business experience with twenty years of extensive human-consciousness training, she is known for bringing new perspectives, profound insight, and practical tools that empower people to lead within their lives, organizations, communities, and relationships differently.

Katherine Torrini is a graphic recorder, facilitator and strategic illustrator who has brought her visual magic to the likes of NASA, Dell, Coca-Cola, Chevron, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and The Institute for the Future. The common thread through all of Katherine’s work is her passion for reconnecting people to their innate creativity and empowering them to use it to live their most fulfilling lives—personally and professionally.

About Power Pauses
Power Pauses are visually facilitated, cyclical planning sessions that provide a more creative and collaborative process to prioritizing, focusing, setting expectations and making progress on goals based on how humans and teams naturally work best.

These strategic sessions usually happen at quarterly or twice-yearly intervals, and are designed to provide intentional space + structure for leaders, managers, and teams to:

    1. Acknowledge progress – creating a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and meaningful impact.
    2. Gain fresh perspectives and insights – which are hard to see when mired in the day-to-day.
    3. Re-assess and re-set priorities and expectations – grounded in where they are now, rather than plans made months ago.
    4. Have real conversations about what’s working and what’s not – engaging and empowering people to explore and find solutions that benefit from the diversity of thought and experience.
    5. Explore the best way to focus resources of time, energy, budget, people – for the highest impact and based on what can realistically be accomplished in the next cycle.
    6. Make essential choices for the next time cycle – on what to intentionally grow or simply maintain, what to explore and experiment with, and what to stop doing or move to a different time.
    7. Map out a sustainable path and pace to success – with common understanding about what success looks like, which addresses the diverse and dynamic needs of the individuals, team and business.

This whole-brain approach, centered around sustainable success for individuals, teams, and organizations, alleviates burnout and overwhelm, reduces fragmentation of resources and unnecessary work, and leads to an overall greater impact to business success and employee wellbeing. Individuals and teams become more innovative, flexible and resilient, and people feel more engaged and empowered.

Looking to host a power pause? contact us for pricing and availability at or visit our website and submit an inquiry. We look forward to working with you.