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Dive into the insightful worlds created by our NOTA authors Elaine Lin Hering, Bonnie Wan, Mahzarin Banjai, and Heather E McGowan.

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Unlearning Silence by Elaine Lin Hering.

A paradigm-shifting book looking at the negative impact of silence and how we can begin to dismantle it in order to find our voices at home and at work. Having a seat at the table doesn’t mean that your voice is actually welcome. Knowing something is wrong doesn’t mean it’s easy to speak up.

There are incentives for many of us to stay silent. Why speak up if you know that it won’t be received well, and in fact, often makes things worse? In Unlearning Silence, Hering explores how we’ve learned to be silent, how we’ve benefited from silence, how we’ve silenced other people—and how we might choose another way.

She teaches how to recognize and unlearn unconscious patterns so we can make more intentional choices about how we want to show up. Only by unlearning silence can we more fully unleash talent, speak our minds, and be more complete versions of ourselves… and help other people do the same. With compassion, clarity, and understanding, Hering guides readers through real-life examples and offers a concrete road map for doing this vital and challenging work.

“The Life Brief: The Simple Tool to Unlock What You Really Want from Life” by Bonnie Wan

This is an insightful guide to discovering and achieving personal aspirations. This book introduces readers to a transformative tool, The Life Brief, designed to help individuals gain clarity on their life goals, passions, and values. Through practical exercises and thought-provoking prompts, Wan empowers readers to identify their priorities, create actionable plans, and live a purpose-driven life. The book offers a structured approach to navigate life’s complexities and aids in aligning one’s actions with their deepest aspirations. It’s a valuable resource for anyone seeking clarity and direction in their personal and professional endeavors.

“Leading Your Parents: 25 Rules to Effective Multigenerational Leadership for Millennials & Gen Z” by Raven Solomon

Leading Your Parents is the must-have guide for today’s young leader looking to make an impact in an ever-more-diverse environment that demands not just IQ and dedication, but EQ and understanding.

Raven decodes complex workforce communication techniques, leadership styles, and management practices and breaks them down into 25 simple rules every young leader should follow. Each chapter focuses on requisite soft skills, including emotional intelligence, personal accountability, performance management, and presence, and gives readers specific, actionable next steps to become better leaders now and in the future. She speaks honestly to her readers, meeting them where they are and sharing the highs, lows, and learnings of her near-decade career as a star leader (and one of the youngest-ever executive-level managers) of a Fortune 50 company.

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