Thursday September 5th – October 19th, 2024

A call to connect with our Heritage, Culture and each other.

The truth is that Wisdom only comes when we engage in intercultural conversations and connections. This cohort is exactly that, a space to not only reconnect with our roots of origin, but to expand our connection with other intercultural women joining the group. For over thousands of years women gathered in a circle to learn from each other, inspire and encourage one another, hold space for each other and ultimately grow in collective harmony. This is the type of wisdom that we are missing in our relationships today. And that is what we hope to accomplish through this cohort, a remembering and a container that allows us to be supported, heard, seen and ultimately a mirror to help us delve deeper into who we are.

Why gather now?


As Latinas, we passionately believe it’s time to shatter cultural stereotypes and celebrate our authentic, unique stories of origin.


It is time to grow together in community. By coming together, we celebrate our diversity and learn from each other’s experiences with openness and vulnerability. This unity strengthens our collective voice and impact.


In this safe space, we encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones and reach our full potential. Together, we can achieve more and drive meaningful change in our communities and beyond.

The world is going through massive change and evolution, the need for empathetic, and culturally aware leaders has never been greater. Now more than ever we need women that are conscious, integrated and regenerate not only their ecosystem but participating in society at large.

Meet Your Facilitators

Ingrid Harb

In her early twenties, Ingrid Harb ignited a global movement by founding the Women Ambassadors Forum (WAF), driven by a burning desire to unite female change-makers worldwide. With WAF, she welcomed over 200 young leaders annually from 150+ countries, passionately striving to connect impactful individuals for a brighter future. As a fervent TEDx speaker, proud Latina, and multicultural leader, Ingrid dedicates herself to empowering the BIPOC community. With over a decade of experience in DEI, she has spearheaded significant advancements in diversity and inclusion across corporations, cities, and universities. Through NOTA Inclusion, Ingrid established a speaker’s bureau, amplifying diverse voices and nurturing inclusivity. Her electrifying TEDx talk, “The Power of Unlearning,” sparks a transformative movement towards authenticity and inclusion.

Monica Jaramillo

With a deep passion for people, art, traveling, and feminine leadership, Monica has dedicated her career to empowering women and promoting multicultural and regenerative leadership. Having lived in various countries, she has embraced diverse cultures, enriching her approach to leadership. With over 20 years of international experience in human talent management and diversity and inclusion in multinational companies, she is also a True Purpose® Coach, Shakti Leadership Fellow, Cross Cultural Leadership certificate co-founder, and co-author of the book “U Empath You”. Founder of Rosita & Pepa, a platform aimed at raising awareness of the grandmother archetype and ancestral feminine wisdom, and holding a master’s degree in Jungian psychology and art therapy, Monica applies a holistic approach to her programs, integrating ancestral feminine wisdom, self-knowledge, and creativity. She loves spending time with her nephews, Sebastian and Martin, and continues to inspire and lead with a commitment to fostering a balanced and conscious society.

Program Structure

This is a 7-week community building experience where participants will meet online weekly for 1.5 hours. This is a closed cohort of individuals to allow for greater sharing, commitment and connection.

Every other week we’ll dive into a new topic in our virtual space:

Session 1 – Introductions & Weaving the Circle

Session 2– Creating Awareness: Embracing My Heritage and Story

Session 3– Raising Awareness: Elevating My Current Reality

Session 4– Integrating from Within: Harmonizing Internal and External Influences

Session 5– Create and Collaborate: The Art of Co-Creation

Session 6– Giving Back from a Place of Wholeness: Practices for Self-Renewal

Session 7– In Person Retreat

Having body, soul, mind and heart as our foundation, you will receive:

– A community for support & sharing
– Tools for a Conscious, Integrative, Collaborative and Regenerative journey
– Self-inquiry practices and journaling pages for deeper reflection
– WhatsApp group for deeper connection throughout the circle
– One day in-person Retreat

Fall Women’s Circle

Dates: Thursday September 5th – October 19th, 2024

Time: 6-7:30pm EST

Facilitators: Ingrid Harb & Monica Jaramillo

We offer a sliding scale where you can choose the registration rate that best aligns with your circumstances.

Standard Rate — $750 – Covers our expenses and keeps the collective on a sustainable path.

Reduced Rate* — $600 – For those who need financial support (Application needed).

Pay It Forward Rate — $875 – For those who can afford to pay a little more to support our scholarship program.

This prices Includes:

✅ 6 virtual zoom meetings .
✅ Final session in-person.
✅ Full day retreat.
✅ All meals included
✅ All activities included

*Flight + Accommodations not Included

*If you would like to participate but the cost of the circle at the reduced rate is a challenge or you would like to set-up a payment plan please complete our scholarship request form or contact us at

7th Session will be in Person

This pricing Includes a one-day retreat in Tampa, Florida.

When? We will be closing this circle in person, the retreat is programmed for October 19th all day. Location of the retreat will be shared in private.

What’s included? Programming for the entire day, materials for activities, and meals.

What’s not Included? Your flight and accommodations. We will be creating a group chat, and you’ll be able to coordinate and possibly share accommodations with the other women in the group.

We are committed to making this a council that has a ripple effect in our community and home country. With that we’ve committed to donating a percentage of our proceeds to two organizations we deeply care about.