Inclusive Thinking Workshop

An inclusive approach to building DEI programs that work

Many times organizations create solutions that aren’t what people need. The problem is that we are designing experiences and solutions that are completely disconnected from our employees.


We have created our own methodology that focuses on collaborative problem-solving and out of the box thinking to find DEI initiatives that matter and change the narrative.

Our Process

Phase One - What currently exists (eyes)

  • What is our objective? And what are we trying to solve?
  • What has worked vs. hasn’t worked
  • Identify who needs to be involved in this process (Min 7 people)
    • This process will only work inclusively if the profiles of those involved are diverse in
      (gender, age, sexual orientation, race) as well as in title (Entry level-Senior/C-suite
Phase Two - What is at the center of our people (heart)

  • 2 hour session that includes an explanation of the process, community
    commitments, visualization and hands on exercise that helps identify
    people’s experiences and common challenges.
Phase Three - Using creativity to think of what is possible (right side)

  • 2 hour session using a series of exercises to spark creative thinking and
    ideas to the challenges previously identified.
Phase Four - Map out strategy and focused action (left side)

  • We suggest an approach that includes tools and processes based on
    what solutions you are looking to implement.
Phase Five - Implementation (Hands)

  • * This phase is approved separately based on budget and what support you
    need to implement these solutions.

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