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Valerie Alexander is a renowned expert on Happiness & Inclusion and a globally recognized speaker on the topics of happiness in the workplace, the advancement of women and unconscious bias. Her TED talk, How to Outsmart Your Unconscious Bias, has been viewed over half a million times.

Valerie started her career as a corporate securities lawyer, investment banker and Internet executive in the Silicon Valley, working on some of the biggest IPOs of the Internet era, then transitioned to Hollywood, where she enjoyed success as a screenwriter and director. Valerie writes Christmas movies for the Hallmark Channel, which she knows you secretly love, even if you only admit to watching them with your mom. Her most recent is Memories of Christmas, starring Christina Milian. As a screenwriter, Valerie has also worked with Joel Schumacher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ice Cube and others.

  • How to outsmart your own unconscious Bias.

We are at a critical point in history, where stakeholders need to figure out three things very quickly:

  • How to recruit and retain a workforce from a wider range of backgrounds
  • How to lower the excessive costs of turnover, absenteeism and disengagement
  • How to reward top performers so that they stay committed and more importantly – stay!

"Valerie was supposed to present to us in person -- then we had to pivot once the pandemic hit. Valerie didn't miss a beat-- she was gracious, flexible, and adapted her keynote to 100 of our leaders virtually-- as a master in the Zoom setting."

Sheila Murty, Executive Vice President, people culture inclusion, Tillamook

"I've had the opportunity to attend a number of trainings and presentations on bias and diversity in my many years of law enforcement leadership and must say I have never experienced anything like what we had here today. People felt at ease and really opened up in ways I think will be helping us move forward on the diversity journey for a long time. I am very grateful and very impressed."

Chief John R. Batiste, Chief of the Washington State Patrol

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