Sidney Frye II

Sidney is a mental health and racial equality speaker.


Sidney Frye II is the owner and principal consultant of Mind Shifts Consulting LLC. A highly sought-after mental health and racial equity speaker, Sidney earned his Master of Divinity degree from Bethel University, as well as a Master's Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Presently, Sidney teaches Adolescent Psychology at North Central University, and has a background working within the Child Welfare and Criminal Justice system, supervising programs that work to address disparities and disproportionality. A loving husband and proud father of five, Sidney is an avid soul food enthusiast, and aspiring cheesecake connoisseur.


"In [OVER] my Head" - Historical trauma is more than about what happened in the past. Learn how historical trauma affects the workplace environment and the people you serve today. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of historical trauma from both personal stories and emerging scientific perspectives. Practical strategies will be outlined on how to translate newfound insights into fostering and developing a more trauma-informed culture, intentionally grounded in empathy.

"Courageous Conversations" - Have you ever kept silent because you're afraid to say the wrong thing? Talking about racial equity can be uncomfortable. Learn how to have healthy "Courageous Conversations" about critical topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. Learn how to stop avoiding the elephant in the room, and start engaging in meaningful dialogue that goes beyond rhetoric, promoting a culture where all voices are heard.

"The Miseducation of Soul Food" - Our own implicit biases can perpetuate micro-aggressions and cause unintended offense. Learn from my story of having to unlearn "what I thought I knew" about soul food, and how that might be analogous for having to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN how we think about people from different racial and cultural backgrounds than our own. This conversation is a perfect recipe for addressing racial stereotypes and biases.

"Resiliency: Retelling our Story" - The story of marginalized communities is often told in terms of trauma and pain. What if we were to retell the story…not in terms of what happened to a people, but about what they did to survive? Learning how to take a strength-based approach can help change the narrative on our understanding of differences. In the process, gain a newfound appreciation for the power of resiliency, and how one can help reframe struggle as a mechanism that produces strengths.

"Culturally Responsive Engagement 101" - How can you engage across differences in a meaningful way? When we work with people that have a different life experience than we do, many times we employ the Golden Rule - we treat them like we want to be treated. What if, instead, we treated them the way we believe they want to be treated? Culturally-responsive engagement is all about learning to approach differences in a way that honors them and helps us make meaningful connections.

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