Shola Kaye


From company-wide keynotes, to leadership training, to small-group strategic action sessions, Shola’s programmes are customised, relevant, and actionable. She’ll sit with you, taking the time to discover the nuances of your organisation, ensuring that your speech feels tailor-made for your audience.

Shola delivers virtually, and has a global client base. She’s culturally sensitive, understanding that different audiences respond better to different examples, analogies, and stories.

Her programmes are super-engaging and highly interactive, as Shola loves involving her audiences through polls, Q&As, and chats. She likes to call her speeches ‘conversations’ and, because of the high levels of customisation and interplay, no two sessions are identical.

Expect inspiration, interaction, and insight!


Empathy + inclusion | Empathy + racial awareness | Empathy + burnout reduction for medical and caring professionals | Empathy skills for the virtual environment | Empathy skills for leaders

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