Sheliza Jamal

Founder and Executive Director, educator, speaker , and equity and Inclusion Coach.


Sheliza Jamal is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and worked as the Diversity and Inclusion Programming Coordinator and served as a coach in the Equity and Inclusion Fellows Program. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at OISE, University of Toronto in the Department of Social Justice Education with a research focus on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in Teacher Education Programs. Ms. Jamal is the founder of Curated Leadership and helps leaders develop their knowledge in the areas of equity and diversity to build inclusive communities. She brings over a decade of experience in designing curriculum and implementing training and development programs aimed at addressing inequitable outcomes for underserved communities. Ms. Jamal engages participants in dialogue about oppression and uses a calling-in approach to bring people together to listen, learn, and lead with empathy. For further details, please visit www.curated-leadership.com


Unconscious Bias | Identity, Power, and Privilege | Anti-racism | Microaggressions | Inclusive Leadership | Allyship (and solidarity)| Anti-Black Racism | Radical Self Love and Healing | Imposter Syndrome

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