Sarafina El-Badry Nance


Sarafina Nance is the true definition of perseverance. Her narratives are both personal and raw — from inheriting a predictor of breast cancer, to her investigations and research into finding the best surgeon to her breast tissue removal surgery, and ultimately her reconstruction surgery — are truly captivating. Throughout my conversation with her, I learned how passionate she is about women’s health and how she is an ardent advocate for frequent medical testing and preventive medicine.
Nance is one of the few women of color who is an astrophysicist paving the way for historically underrepresented people everywhere. She is currently pursuing her PhD specializing in supernovae and cosmology at UC Berkeley. Her goal is to increase science literacy around the world and make it more inclusive for individuals of all backgrounds.


Women Empowering Women: Strength & Disruption in Nonprofit | Business and STEM | Pursuing Your Dreams

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