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Roy Gluckman is a qualified attorney of the High Court of South Africa and the director of Cohesion Collective, an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) consulting and training firm. Roy has been speaking professionally on issues relating to EDI since 2010 and is an exceptionally engaging, highly sophisticated, and passionate speaker and facilitator.

Roy believes in having tough conversations; approaching his material with honesty, authenticity, and simplicity. Roy has mastered the art of making the difficult subject matter of EDI easily digestible for audiences of all types and all occasions. As a keynote speaker, panelist, programme director and facilitator Roy continues to captivate and challenge audiences to pause and introspect, something he believes we do not do enough of.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are no longer ‘nice to haves’, but necessities. While yes, discussing our differences may seem scary, I help make it accessible and engaging.

  • EDI Foundations: Why is EDI Important?

    This is wonderful for a kick-off event. It asks us to pause, reflect and introspect on where we are as individuals, leaders, and as an organization on our inclusion journey. The perfect start to your inclusion journey!

  • EDI in the Workplace - For Employees

    This is an exciting one! In this talk, Roy unpacks EDI as a key factor that affects the Employee Experience (“EX”). It is impossible to talk about the importance of trust within organizations if we do not acknowledge that we have been taught who to trust and who not to trust. Trust is NOT earned. Trust is given!

  • EDI in the Workplace - For Leaders

    Roy presents his research on how talent really sees inclusion, what it is, about inclusion they are looking for, and how leaders and organizational cultures can support the fostering of inclusion to attract, optimize and help retain talent. This is a look at Inclusive Leadership and the decisions we make.

  • EDI in our Community

    The call for greater inclusion requires us to understand that we exist in a society that has a history of exclusion and that this history is alive and well in the behaviors and structures of everyday life. This is such an important conversation to talk about EDI in our communities as we need to understand that no matter how hard organizations may try, we can never deflect the social ills, mistrust, fear and anger that exists in our communities from entering the workplace.

  • EDI in the Home

    Workplaces demand us to “be professional” and to leave all our “baggage” at home and to show up as sanitized humans ready to be productive. EDI understands that the personal cannot be divorced from the professional. EDI shows up in the home as a place where our beliefs are formed, a space where we have to “call out” loved ones, engage with ideological clashes and navigate tension and conflict.

  • NB: His Keynotes can be made into workshops and trainings too.

“We were blown away with the content, charisma and overall energy of the session. If you’re interested in a transformative, engaging session that gets you asking the right questions. This is your guy.”

Garyth Dictchfield, Head of Business Operations, Intergreat Me

“We’ve had several presenters and meetings this year on DEI, and yours was by far the one that resonated the most and got my attention. The presentation was amazing (and too short), and I felt I UNDERSTOOD it. I feel I now have a better understanding of what it means to belong.”

Leader at Walker & Dunlop

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