Naomi Sesay

“To understand inclusion, one must be the Observer to become part of the observed”


Diversity and inclusion expert Naomi Sesay began her 20 year television and media career working for MTV News as a Producer, Director and Presenter at the height of MTV Europe’s popularity. Naomi has become a powerful advocate for diversity, inclusion and social enterprise, with her most recent media roles including the On Screen Diversity Executive and Interim Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Channel 4, and Head of Innovation and Diversity for Media Trust.

Naomi has delivered diversity and inclusion training for a number of high profile organisations including: Google, YouTube, NBC Universal, IPA and MTV. In 2015, Naomi won the IDOX award for journalism, recognising the impact of her inspiring work in building confidence of local people and creating vibrant places for them to live, work and play.


The Power Of Inclusive & Immersive Storytelling

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