Michaela Ayers


Principal DEI Consultant


Michaela Ayers is a Facilitator and Founder of Nourish, a collective that advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism through education and events. She is also a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative practice examines the dimensions of beauty, Blackness, and belonging. With over 7 years of experience delivering training to corporate audiences, Michaela offers an artful approach to workshops and speaking engagements that shift perspectives while promoting behavior change. By harnessing the power of creativity and courageous conversations, Michaela cultivates climates of inclusion that build authentic relationships.

Nourish takes a fresh and creative approach to speaking engagements that leaves our audience feeling connected, respected, and inspired. To make the largest impact, we offer a range of speaking services that leave a lasting impression.

Exploring Black Creativity/Design Over Time

  • The Harlem Renaissance
  • The 1960s Black Art Movement in the United States
  • Black Women in Literature
  • Black Women Visual Artists

DEI activities that engage the audience so that participants have a chance to network with their peers. This style of event is powerful because it allows employees to strengthen interpersonal communication skills, break down silos and deepen cross-team collaborations.

Workshop and Consulting Topics

Creative Problem Solving + Collage Workshop

There isn't one right way to solve a problem or be creative. That is why Nourish delivers an interactive creative problem-solving (CPS) workshop that blends proven framework with art practice to help participants tap into their imagination and unlock creative solutions.

CSP is a critical skill that fuels growth and experimentation. Through the practice of collage, participants are invited to play, think outside the box, and develop innovative solutions.

The objective of this workshop is to:

  • Reinforce a shared language of creative problem solving
  • Provide tools that help employees to develop fresh approaches to workplace challenges.
  • Introduce participants to the medium of collage

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