Mary Kingston Roche

Mary Kingston Roche



Mary Kingston Roche is a mother, educator, advocate, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner. A native of Massachusetts, she moved across the country to begin her career as a teacher in Oakland, CA where she discovered her love for working with youth. She later served on her local school board and volunteered with middle and high school youth to ensure they had access and opportunity for a great education. After receiving her Master of Public Policy from Duke University, she has served for the last twelve years as an advocate for children, securing policies and funding from the federal to local levels that improve children and families’ well-being and quality of education.

Reflecting on her work in education and policy, she identified curiosity as a critical and powerful quality for children and adults to recognize and nurture. So, in 2022 she founded Live Curious, an initiative to help people re-discover and share the joy of curiosity to build community, bridge differences, and live joyously. She offers inspiration, strategies, skill-building, and experiences to help individuals, communities, and organizations rediscover and deepen their curiosity for greater joy, connection, meaning, and impact. She has two children, ages 5 and 3, who model insatiable curiosity every day, and lives in Maryland. She competed in track and field at Boston University and still loves to run, and enjoys traveling, reading, conversation and humor, and learning something new every day.


  • The power of curiosity to bring you greater joy, connection, meaning, and adventure to your life.
  • The power of curiosity to create a joyful, stimulating, learning-driven, and effective organization/company.
  • Curiosity as a natural, essential, and effective element to nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your community/organization/company
  • Practicing courageous curiosity to build and deepen relationships and understanding across differences
  • The art and impact of creating a curiosity-driven organizational culture
  • Creating Curious Communities to foster learning, community, and joy
  • The Art of Listening and Dialogue for Deeper Understanding and Impact
  • How to Get Outside your Comfort Zone-and Stay There for Greater Meaning and Impact

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