John Watkis

Leadership Coach and Trainer - Consultant Head Teacher - School Inspector


He is the author of Speaking Notes: The Eight Essential Elements to Make Your Speech Music to Their Ears, a salsa dancing champion, and the first Canadian-born actor to play Mufasa onstage in the Disney musical, The Lion King.

In addition to more than two decades of performing and delivering keynote speeches and workshops for clients in six countries and on three continents, he has written speeches for corporations, government officials, non-profits, professional speakers, and hall-of-fame athletes.

Whether your event is an anniversary celebration, awards ceremony, or annual conference, John will make you look like a star when he stands in the spotlight and takes center stage.


Lessons in the Circle of Life

Is there more to life?

Based on his experiences in the award-winning Disney musical production, The Lion King, John Watkis explores the notion that there is more to life than you're experiencing now, and he provides timely and practical insights to help you understand what that means in your life.

Lessons in the Circle of Life covers key areas such as:

How to build resilience so you can overcome past failures and move toward successSecrets to prevent burnout

The key to becoming a person of influence

How to uncover your true potential and purpose.

You will be entertained, informed, and challenged as John brings you through moments of humor, high drama, and motivation in Lessons in the Circle of Life.

How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music to Their Ears

Do you want your audiences to remember, repeat and respond to your speeches?

Make your speeches sound like music to their ears!

After all, speeches are meant to be heard, not read. And what could be more pleasant to the ear than music? More importantly, speeches are meant to be remembered - and they're meant to move people to action.

Is anything easier to remember than music?

Does anything else move people the way music does?

Let's face it ... most speeches are forgettable - and most speeches fail to inspire change or move people to take action ... but your speeches can be different once you understand how to develop and deliver a speech that strikes the right chord with your audiences.

In this informative, interactive and inspiring session, John Watkis reveals the eight essential elements that make music memorable and moving - then he shows you "How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music to Their Ears" so your audiences will remember, repeat and respond to your speeches.

In this session, you will learn to:

Increase the emotional impact of your speeches

Make your main message memorable by using a time-tested, fail-proof technique.

Utilize little-known secrets for adding rhythm to your speeches

Create smooth, seamless transitions within your speech that neatly tie points together and keep your audience on track

Influence the overall mood of your audience

Organize your speech with ease

Discover the most common mistakes speechwriters make... and avoid making them when you prepare speeches

Integrate the eight essential elements of music into your speeches

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