Joe Lalley

Founder and User Experience Design Instructor


As a workshop facilitator and Design Thinker, I’ve been creating hierarchy-free, psychologically safe spaces with empathy and creativity since 2010. For PwC, I launched a Design Thinking program for over 10,000 people. The results? Employees found their VOICE. Introverts SPOKE UP. Leaders changed their CULTURE. My improv skills help. So does my background in UX, an obsession with stick figures, and four marathons.

  • Design Thinking for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    - Design Thinking is a methodology for understanding and solving problems. It's often associated with business and product design, but I think it works best of all when used to solve real, human problems. After-all, Design Thinking is "Human Centered" so why not use it for human problems, like DE&I?

  • Hybrid, In-Person or Remote? How should we be working???

    - Yes, the pandemic changed the ways we can work, and that chance may be permanent. But the good news is, we've been here before. Maybe not in the traditional corporate world, but there are great lessons to look at in places like sports, military and air travel to name a few.

  • Why Facilitation is a Must Have Skill for any Leader at any Level

    - We all facilitate at one point or another. A discussion, a meeting, a program. Yet, all too often, we rely on gut instinct and assume an agenda is enough. It's usually not. With a little bit of training, anyone can be a great facilitator.

  • Design Thinking
  • Employee Engagement
  • DE&I Strategy
  • Product Design

"After doubling our employee population, Joe led us through a workshop to articulate our team charter and values, learn where we were aligned, and identify key areas of focus. He kept it fun and engaging and productive. If your team is new or has recently grown, you need this workshop!"

Alicia Bowman, Peak Advisory Consulting

"If you want to define elements of your people strategy, Joe’s thoughtfully designed and facilitated workshop helped us gain a new level of empathy for our people, which has led to a renewed focus on new ways to collaborate. I looked forward to the workshops every day because they not only helped us work better together, but bond and play as well. I feel confident about our direction and can’t thank Joe enough for helping us get there!"

Adriana Roche, Chief People Officer, MURAL

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