Jacquie Abram

Jacquie Abram


Jacquie Abram is the international best-selling and award-winning Author of Hush Money: How One Woman Proved Systemic Racism in her Workplace and Kept her Job. She has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo News, CBS, and NBC, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller, and is the recipient of the Readers Favorite gold medal for social issues novels.

Before Jacquie began her journey as an Author and DEI/Anti-racism Consultant, she had a career in higher education that she was very good at and that she enjoyed. A career that paid her a lucrative income which, as a single mother of two girls, was the only income that allowed her to not only provide for her family, but also to pay her bills. A career that spanned nearly two decades and by any measure should’ve been a successful career. But it wasn’t. Because throughout her career, she experienced racism in the workplace, not the kind you see in a lot of movies, books, and TVs shows about racism that occurred decades ago during a time when it was more overt and easily spotted, but the kind of racism that is more covert, hidden, and harder to prove.

After Jacquie’s career was derailed multiple times by multiple employers and she suffered racial trauma that was so severe she considered homicide and suicide, she pulled herself out of corporate America, wrote Hush Money, a book inspired by true events and co-authored by her daughters, self-published it, and sold it from the trunk of her car at parks and pop-up shops. Today, Hush Money continues to be read in numerous countries around the world and has achieved the following:

  • International Best-Selling & Award-Winning book Featured in Forbes
  • #1 Best Seller (Amazon)
  • #1 in Best Eye-Opening African American Women's Fiction (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 in Books to Build Up Your Social Justice Literacy: Racism (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 in Black Female Protagonists (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 in Contemporary Women’s Fiction (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 in Mixed Race Representation (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 in Strong & Inspiring Heroines/Female Protagonists (Goodreads Listopia)
  • #1 Fresh Speakers (Goodreads Listopia)
  • Gold Medal Recipient for Social Issues Novels (Readers’ Favorite)
  • #3 in Top African American Christian Fiction (findthisbest.com)

Hush Money is much more than just another book about systemic racism. For employees, it’s a roadmap, a survival guide for fighting racism and other forms of discrimination in the workplace. For employers, it’s a compass for finding and identifying covert racism in the organization. For allies who have never experienced racism in the workplace, it’s a powerful way to step into the shoes of a racial discrimination victim.


  • The Impact of Racism in the Workplace on the Organization

  • In this session, we explore the impact that racism in the workplace has on employee retention, organizational finances, employee health, and the organization’s reputation.

  • Strategies to Respond to Microaggressions and Bias

  • In this session, we break down common microaggressions and biases that often mask racism in the workplace and identify healthy ways to respond.

  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • In this session, we breakdown what diversity, equity, and inclusion really means and examine the pillars an organization must have in place to successfully promote and maintain DEI.

  • Racism in the Workplace: Overt or Covert?

  • In this session, we discuss the difference between overt and covert racism and the impact of each on the organization and its employees.

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