Ingrid Harb



Ingrid never really fit in a box or category. She was born and raised in Mexico and then went to Texas for boarding school. So at time, she was too Mexican for the norms of an American boarding school. And in returning to Mexico, she was almost too American for her Mexican colleagues. Either she was Mexican or she was an American.

And while she admits that she initially struggled with the "either/or" mentality, Ingrid began to think about what a "both/and" mindset - one where she claim an identity where she was both American and Mexican and beyond.

To fully embrace a "both/and" identity, Ingrid needed to unlearn the categories and boxes that limit so many of us. As a result, this mindset has changed how she views social justice, identity and spirituality.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs | Career Mapping | Building Resilience | Empowering Latinas | The Power of Unlearning (As seen in her TEDx)

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