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Huda Essa



Huda Essa is a TEDx Speaker, Author, and Consultant who has positively influenced countless communities around the nation through her engaging and thought-provoking learning opportunities. She utilizes her extensive experience in education to support organizations in successfully meeting their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. In her Keynote presentations and interactive learning opportunities, she provides business and education professionals with authentic experiences focused on building empathy, understanding, and success for all. Her belief is that the learning needed to work towards social justice is a lifelong education that can be applied to virtually all ages, social identities, and careers. Her explorations include international travel to gain insight from communities around the globe in order to share and apply the learning with U.S. audiences.

Huda is the author of the culturally authentic and responsive children’s books, Teach Us Your Name and Common Threads: Adam’s Day at the Market. Additionally, she consults with publishing companies to ensure that their text and materials are bias free and include diverse, positive representation of all people. Huda is also currently writing a text for professionals focused on overcoming the limitations of unconscious bias. Doing so will allow them to best serve their communities towards reaching their greatest potential for success in our ever-changing world.


  • Learning Forward; Advancing Toward Cultural Proficiency
  • Building Empathy as an Integral Professional Skill
  • Maximizing the Potential of Your Linguistically Diverse Community
  • Valuing the Gifts of Your Community through Asset Based Approaches
  • Cultivating a Cooperative, Culturally Proficient Environment
  • Using Names as Invaluable Assets for Culturally Proficient Practices
  • Impact Over Intent; Effective Learning to Address and Prevent Microaggressions
  • Successful Intercultural Communications; Turning the Lens Inward to Expand Our Views
  • Utilizing Critical Consciousness to Evaluate Policies, Plans, Literature, and Language
  • Stress Management for Enhanced Learning and Leading
  • Gaining Knowledge and Empathy to Effectively Support Immigrants, Refugees, and DACA Recipients
  • Mitigating the Negative Impact of Unintentional Unconscious Bias to Raise Community-wide Achievement
  • Acknowledging and Utilizing Our Privileges for Professional and Social Excellence
  • Action Planning for Advancing commUNITY-based Culture and Climate
  • Utlizing Critical Consciousness to Productively Understand Muslims, Ourselves, and All Others
  • Gaining Collective Success through the Achievement of Females

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