Gloria Feldt


She is cofounder and president of Take the Lead, a nonprofit organization with the mission of achieving intersectional gender parity by 2025. We deliver DEI and women's leadership development results with proven programs that include training, cohort building and coaching, role model events, and thought leadership. The core 9 Leadership Power Tools curriculum starts with understanding and redefining power in a way that women and underrepresented groups embrace with confidence, authenticity, and joy. This frees them to visualize and achieve elevated intentions for leadership.

A bestselling author of five books, the latest of which is Intentioning: Sex, Power, Pandemics, and How Women Will Take the Lead for (Everyone's) Good, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, and thought leader who has appeared in top national media such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. She teaches "Women, Power, and Leadership" at Arizona State University. Former president and CEO of the world's largest reproductive health nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, she is exceptionally adept at helping executives and organizations address complicated issues with clarity.

Among many honors and recognitions, Vanity Fair named her to its Top 200 Women Legends, Leaders, and Trailblazers, Glamour Magazine honored her as Woman of the Year, Forbes named her to its 40 over 40, and the Diversity Alliance gave her its Leadership Award.


Intentioning: Your Secret Superpower

From Embracing Power to Intentioning: The Next Level of Leadership

The Five Great Benefits of Disruption

COVID and Women: Time to Change the Narrative from “Setbacks” to “Opportunities”

Create a Culture of Inclusion

The Diversity Divide: Why DEI Programs Fail and How to Make Yours Succeed

Women’s Leadership Is Great, but What About the Men?

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