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Cultural Competency Navigator


With over 30 years of practical experience, Glen has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help organizations navigate the complex nature of culture. His approach to consulting is rooted in his belief that true change requires systemic and individual-level transformation. He is passionate about helping organizations break down the systemic barriers that many marginalized individuals face to create more equitable and productive environments.

Glen’s expertise in DEI and intercultural competency is grounded in his experiences as a Black man growing up in Houston, Texas, and as a proven executive leading and building diverse teams. He has worked nationally and internationally with a diverse range of organizations, including corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and government agencies. Glen has helped these organizations develop and implement DEI strategies, design and deliver training programs, and navigate complex cultural dynamics.

Inspire, educate, and journey

  • Come as You are, but Change Forever; Transforming Your Organization One Mind at a Time.
    This fun and engaging program is excellent for organizations seeking to jumpstart their DEI efforts or for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) seeking to generate excitement and engagement.
  • Rearranging the Room: Responding Well to Cultural Shifts in the Workplace
    This keynote is great for organizations and teams experiencing changes in leadership or merging with another group. If you are experiencing a workplace change, this program is for you.
  • Imperfect Harmony: Using DEI Strategies to Strengthen Team Dynamics
    Journey along on a musical journey that illustrates the importance of practicing cultural competency in the workplace. This program is excellent for organizations seeking to jumpstart their DEI efforts or for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) seeking to generate excitement and engagement.
  • Live Your I.D.E.A.L. Life by Removing the Clutter and Discovering your Call
    Do you want a motivational presentation to inspire your team, leaving them full of hope and joy after a convention or retreat? This program will get the job done. It is inspired by Glen’s lifelong journey to experience that best that life has to offer and how he can share that gift with others.
Workshops and Trainings

Navigating New Roads: Tips for Managing Workplace Culture Clash

Employees at all levels benefit from learning how to manage conflict, as it leads to a more positive and collaborative work environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued.

Raise your Sales: Navigating the culture to close the deal

Implementing culturally competent behavior can help salespersons build stronger relationships with clients, increase sales, avoid misunderstandings, and expand their customer base.

Breaking Bias: Address Your Bias Without Compromising Your Identity

This program is great for any organization working at DEI. Include this program as part of your regular DEI program offerings.

IMPROVe Your Cultural Competency Through Improv

Any team can benefit from this fun interactive program. Who doesn’t need to strengthen skills relating to reacting, adapting, and communicating? This program fits retreat settings extremely well. This program is hosted by Glen and the IMPROV team Can’t Tell Us Nothing.

Our association, the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA), did not have a history of providing diversity, equity, and inclusion education during our events. Our education committee felt strongly about including this topic on the agenda for our first virtual conference and sought out a speaker who could meet our members where they were, many without formal education on the topic. Glen provided a fantastic base of knowledge and definition of terminology that will allow us to continue these discussions with a common language moving forward. One attendee noted that they thoroughly enjoyed the definition of terms because “you hear them but don’t always think about what they mean by really separating them instead of simply lumping it all together.” The session has provided the strong foundation that our members need to start moving forward with DEI initiatives both in their own businesses and within our association as a whole.

Lindsey Flick Sullivan, Healthcare Business Management Association Education Manager.

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