Felicia Pecora

Felicia Pecora


Felicia is not your average speaker. She is an Army combat veteran and seasoned police officer who makes leading through crisis fun and exciting! She brings unique perspectives gained from the battlefield and the American street that challenge audiences to see their purpose and potential within your organization and then determine a path to achieve both!

She is an award-winning entrepreneur who is frequently sought after to help organizations build a culture of safety that solidifies their foundation through relationship-building. She has been training adults in soft and combat skills for almost three decades. Felicia knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd and provide training so that others can effectively do the same.

Whether you are leading your team through a new software change or saving a hostage in an active shooting, Felicia will inspire you with humor, science, and a few pushups here and there. By the time it's over, you too will be anything but average!


  • The A.R.T. of Personal Security

  • “Moments of Decision: Managing Large Scale Response to a Community Crisis”

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