Elke Geraerts

Human Capita Expert, Best Selling Author, Doctor in Psychology and CEO at Better minds at work.


Boundless curiosity and a passion for people – this perhaps best describes Elke. This unique combination quickly led to a flourishing academic career. With a PhD in psychology, Elke held various positions at the universities of Harvard, St Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam, where she attracted international attention with her solid research work. But she was drawn to the business world. Triggered by her scientific insights into mental resilience, she started the company Better Minds at Work. This international consultancy company focuses on increasing mental resilience, energy and productivity of employees and now consists of about sixty psychologists, doctors and consultants. Elke’s trademark is without doubt the way in which she manages to translate new psychological insights into fresh and accessible day-to-day applications. This is how she inspires people and organizations to hone their mental resilience and to become the best possible version of themselves. Her big breakthrough came with her bestseller Mentaal Kapitaal (Mental Capital; 2015). This book, which is now in its fourteenth edition, was recently launched on the international market in English under the title Better Minds and in Chinese. She just launched a new book, The Mental Reset, in which she inspires to move towards a post pandemic era with healthier and more successful habits. What is so remarkable is that Elke's stories seem to touch each individual, from Los Angeles, to Sydney, from Stockholm to Cape Town, Buenos Aires to Singapore.


  • The Mental Reset

    How Hybrid Work and Life Strengthen Resilience

    What if we embrace this crisis as an opportunity for true transformation? What if we reset our habits so we can face challenges stronger than we ever did before? What if we take this momentum as a head start for ourselves, our teams and our organisations?

    In this talk Elke inspires you with insights that you need to prepare for a post- pandemic era. She shows you how hybrid work and life may render you more productivity, energy and inner peace at the same time. She takes the time with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams and your company and what implications it has for your company's strategy. And on top of that, she shares her ideas about what you can do exactly to advance (self) leadership, to foster connection and psychological safety within your team, to focus on what really matters, and to touch the right future-proof chords. A must-experience if you want to get ready for the great post-pandemic reset!

  • Mental resilience

    Elke shares her insights on mental resilience and how we can deal swiftly with any challenge. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress. With the bestseller Better Minds as a common thread, you learn how your brain works exactly and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this challenging time with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, Elke will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these changing times!

  • Authentic Intelligence

    How to future proof yourself and your team

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerating the digital revolution and is creating an earlier-than-expected tipping point that is likely to transform businesses forever. Hence the voices asking whether we humans can still compete against robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder. In this highly topical speech, Elke points out that it is time to demystify technology and to shift the focus back onto human beings. She examines which unique human qualities can be used to secure our professional future, and which assets you really should embed in your organization's DNA if you want to ensure your viability in this disruptive world. An inspiring presentation for organizations that already have both feet firmly planted in the future and want to use this pandemic as a transformational

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