Elijah Kalā McShane



He is a kanaka oiwi o Hawai’i (native descendant of the Hawaiian Islands and direct descendant of both Hawai’i/Maui & O’ahu chiefly lineages. Elijah, also known as Kahu Kalā, is the co-founder (with his wife Jazmin Yong) of Awakened Aloha, an organization focused on “inspiring a world where aloha is the heartbeat of humanity.” Awakened Aloha’s work bridges ancient wisdom and ancestral connection to modern wellness through the mauli ola (healing arts), la’au lapa’au (plant medicine), aloha education, and community development. His work has inspired hearts in the educational, political, and spiritual sectors of modern Hawai’i to visioneer a future that promotes harmony for all people beginning with Hawai’i and her children. As an ambassador of aloha and messenger of lokahi, Elijah shares a universal message that lays at the foundation of all people and cultures, “aloha ‘aina, aloha akua, aloha kanaka” (a deep honor and reverence for the land, the spirits, and the people). May this message of truth reach all dimensions of existence and call forth unity from the depths of po (depth/origins) to the peaks of the lewa lani (highest heavenly realms). E ola mau.


  • ­­­­"Ancestral Connection for Modern Wellness"

  • Opening Prayer & Introduction

  • ­­­­Foundational Spiritual Principles

  • Ancestral Understanding of Energetic Connection

  • ­­­­Structure & Philosophy of Total Human Potential & Wellness

  • Closing Q&A

  • Closing Prayer

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