Elgin Carelock


Elgin Carelock is the CEO and Chief Strategist of re-View Business Strategies, where he specializes in helping clients develop long-term growth and sustainability through building strong relationships between leadership, management, employees, and customers.

Elgin has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA with a specialty in marketing. Coupled with more than 25 years of retail and corporate management, Elgin understands the importance of being able to communicate with a diversity of people and creating a culture of inclusion, creativity, and equitable opportunities.

As a serial entrepreneur, Elgin is acutely aware of the challenges small businesses face when entering a new market or expanding market share. Therefore, he has dedicated the last ten years to coaching individuals and companies on the importance of creating value for customers by considering their needs first.

Elgin finds great joy in sharing knowledge as he has as a university instructor, public speaker, podcaster, mentor, author, and volunteer.


Creating a “Brave Space” 

Foundational Concept: Six Pillars of Brave Space (Developed by Victoria D. Stubbs) 

  • Methods:

    • Pre-program surveys
    • Personality profiles
    • Leadership Visioning
    • Management Workshops
    • Employee training
    • Post-program surveys
  • Deliverables

    • Leadership – Growth Mindset
    • Management – Curiosity, Communication, and Upskilling
    • Frontline Employees – Continuous Improvement
  • E.N.G.A.G.E.D. Leadership - For "C" level executives. Discussing the benefits of servant leadership using the ENGAGED method to build stronger relationships with key stakeholders, management, and employees.

  • Building a High Performance Team - This workshop is designed to help employers identify the right mix of individuals for their teams based on client needs and the level of engagement required to deliver exceptional brand experiences.

  • Corporate Culture as an Asset- This workshop is designed to teach owners and managers how corporate culture has a direct effect on their profitability and techniques to create an optimal culture.

  • E.N.G.A.G.E.D. Communication - This workshop is designed to increase an organization's effectiveness in communicating with their teams, clients, and communities.

  • Change Resistance - A discussion based on the book "Immunity Change", where how there can be subconscious resistance to change and how to overcome them to realize your true potential.

  • What are you promising? - A discussion to identify a company's brand promise and the effectiveness of their strategies for meeting and exceeding expectations.

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