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Diana works at the cutting edge of leadership development. She is known as a resilient school leader, skilled in urban leadership under challenging circumstances. Diana has substantial success in developing school wide models that strategically enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the curriculum and can couple sound strategic vision whilst giving clear operational direction.

With a proven track record of developing leaders via bespoke training programs, Diana also founded The Academy of Women’s Leadership; specializing in supporting women to grow the leadership cultures of their organizations and to flourish as leaders established in confidence, Diana has established capability in mentoring and supporting leaders facing challenging circumstances and change. She is the author of Courageous Leadership, a humorous book that gives school leaders’ strategies for shaping their leadership experience. Successful leaders have someone in their corner who understands and has overcome similar challenges. We all need an advocate and that is what Diana becomes when you work together, an advocate for your leadership.

I am human first, a leader second.

I remember the importance of family, love, compassion and grace.

  • The courage needed for leadership - how to lead with honesty and resilience when your context is challenging.
  • Building teams - what works, getting colleagues to stay on the course with your vision.
  • Developing cultures - The secrets that underpins success
  • Fulfilling your potential - working in the most confident, competent and thriving version of yourself
  • Leadership winter - what effective leaders do when the context is tough

Courageous Leadership training Course

Module one – Establishing your leadership Including – developing your gravitas, setting and re-setting the vision, 10 great questions leaders ask themselves

Module two – Securing your first 99 days after promotion Including – getting to know your team, dealing with your imposter syndrome, the 5 things you must do!

Module three – Working with difficult people Including – mastering tough conversations, dealing with resistant colleagues, calling out unwanted behavior

Module four – How to effectively implement change Including – how to use MIC to make a difference, strategies to deal with resistant or passive aggressive colleagues.

The Academy of women's leadership training.

The 12-month online leadership program- It establishes confidence and develops reputable influence.

"We have worked with Diana for the last two years on our Inclusive Leadership programme, focusing on the professional development of aspiring leaders. Diana launched our programme in style with her keynote. Humorous and real, yet inspiring and motivating. She is a master speaker, and the group were captivated. She also led two of our leadership workshops- guiding our aspiring leaders on how to develop their leadership skills. The feedback was excellent. Throughout the process Diana has been a joy to work with- taking time to understand the aims of the programme and the needs of our leaders. On top of this, what Diana does brilliantly is build networks. She connects people so the workshop or the keynote never ends there. I would recommend Diana wholeheartedly".

Andrea Wright- Director Endeavour Teaching Alliance

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