Let's Start your Organization's Equity Journey with strong Inclusion and Belonging foundations

Companies spend a lot of time trying to make their company culture a catalyst for innovation, but a lot of times they miss the most important part of the equation: Inclusion and Belonging. We live in a modern, interconnected world where for companies to achieve equality, inclusion, and diversity in their workplace they must think outside the box and celebrate diversity of thought. Companies can no longer afford to overlook cultural shortcomings by falling back on statistics or quotas. Instead, they must humanize the numbers and open the conversation internally.

It all starts with leadership, Annual DEI Training

Leaders within your organization are the key to retaining talent, increasing employee productivity, igniting creativity and nurturing employees. Leaders hold an important role in building cultures of inclusion and providing solutions to the organization's gaps. We recommend that we start by producing educational and training programs exclusively designed for your Leaders focused on improving their cultural competence and people management skills.


DEI Training for All-employees

We recommend that all employees have access to diversity, equity and Inclusion trainings. To start we can facilitate two to three sessions per year to start with foundational DEI knowledge. Topics will focus on interpersonal communication, building cultural competence, allyship to name a few. We customize the sessions on topics based on your culture and diversity.


DEI Training for HR Professionals

The Human resources department is often overlooked when it comes to DEI training, and their role is crucial to recruiting, retaining and creating inclusive and diverse policies. We start by producing a training to help them better understand how to identify bias in the system, recruit diverse talent and understand their role in building cultures of belonging and inclusion.