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Claudia’s movement today is addressing the emotional labor crisis of working women and mothers. She believes though women have made advancements in business and leadership, their success has been built on burn-out not wellbeing. Balancing the productivity needs of employers with the mountain of family and household responsibilities is at the heart of the crisis. She has launched Claudia Chan’s Inner Circle where she coaches a proprietary framework "Whole-Self Power" that helps women recalibrate their mindset and work-family organization to lead with more authenticity and ease. As a 48-year-old wife and working mother of 2, her greatest passion is coaching women and organizations to lead with humanity at the center and source of innovation and performance. Claudia has spent 20+ years building platforms and programs specifically for women and to better the cultures they work and live in. Claudia is the creator of their award-winning leadership virtual conference S.H.E. Summit (standing for SHE, HE & EQUITY FOR ALL) which has equipped over 10,000 women with stories and strategies for empowerment from over 600 of the most renowned speakers, authors, experts and leaders. Claudia is also author of the NY Times celebrated leadership book THIS IS HOW WE RISE: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World. Over 400 cross-industry companies spanning from Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Samsung, Bacardi, Home Depot, to Target have provided their talent and teams S.H.E. Summit and How We Rise Trainings for self-enrichment and development. New York City born and raised, Claudia now lives in Tampa Florida with her husband and 2 kids.

The Authenticity of who you are and your story is power.

All programs are branded with Claudia's book This Is How We Rise

  • How We Rise with Authenticity As Our Source of Power
    • Women have made many advancements in business and leadership but it has been built on burn-out not wellbeing
    • Women who have achieved remarkable success have done so at the neglect of (or struggle to breakthrough) another area--such as relationships, money, health etc.
    • We are at risk of more women leaving the workforce who struggle with conformity, not innovation of traditional systems that work for our diversity of humanity.
    • Through a keynote or workshop, Claudia Chan teaches women how to rest into their authenticity with her framework Whole-Self Power that includes 4 stages of discovery, healing, alignment and creation.

    Audience: Women's Leadership

  • How We Rise as a Corporate Micro-Society of Humanity
    • This is a creative visioning keynote or workshop that puts humanity and impact at the center of your company's ROI.
    • Claudia injects optimism, energy and passion into the leadership team through a process of identity and legacy reflection
    • She pulls the team into an inspirational space by see the company as a social impact movement to drive talent, business and social innovation

    Audience: Senior Leadership

  • Finding the Leader Within
    • This is a creative visioning keynote or workshop that puts humanity, connection and community at the center your daily engagement at work
    • People spend approximately 90,000+ hours in a lifetime at work. Claudia helps colleagues, managers, and teams reframe work as a power vehicle for social impact and community
    • She instills a corporate change agent and "intrapreneurship" mindset that ultimately improves collaboration, creativity and care

    Audience: Managers, Departments, Teams + Employee Wide

"PepsiCo’s current women’s leadership program addresses business confidence and career advancement goals whereas Claudia’s program addresses whole-life wellbeing, inclusion/belonging, and workplace purpose - with a major focus on managing family life and mental health as people work-from-home. Making our programs more holistic."

PEPSICO, Tasha Phillips, DEI Director

"We have been trying to solve work-life balance challenges for decades. Your framework of creating cultures for whole-life wellbeing is what we’ve been waiting for."

Albertson’s, Monique E. Lanaux, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer

"Your presentation at the ESPN ERG Consortium was absolutely life changing. I needed to hear what you presented in so many ways."

ESPN, Jon Mcleod, Co-Chairman of T.R.U.S.T. (Mental Health Affinity Group)

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