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Charles Clark is an international dynamic speaker with an unforgettable message of resilience despite adversity. His empowering and motivating sessions are customized to the client’s needs. By the age of 22, Charles was a 3 time National Champion, 10 times All-American, and placed as the 6th fastest man in the world at IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany. He was living his dream and one year away from inking his first shoe deal as a track and field superstar.

It took a 99% tear in his right quad muscle, a debilitating injury for a world-class sprinter, to uncover the depth of who he was. For so long, his life was one-dimensional— practice, training, rehab, stretching, race, win, get better, get faster. The injury left his confidence bankrupt and emotions starving. This was the start of building a sustainable foundation of the man he is now.

He moved into a season of speaking voluntarily at local schools, giving them a watered-down version of his life with surface level motivation, never touching on his pain for fear of judgment. He believed no one would want to hear him speak, if they knew his truth. His mom was supporting her grown son. He was borrowing her car, while he was trying to rise back to fame. He felt like a failure, but still, he spoke.

With clients like Amazon, Nike, Nielsen, NFL, MLB, NCAA, Frontier Communications, Raymond James, Keller Williams, iHeart Radio, and many more, Charles Clark understands the power of providing not only motivation but also practical lessons that inspire real transformation.


  • Adversity Makes Your Stronger

    Charles realized that the adversity he was facing would be the very thing to propel him into his greatest purpose yet: to use his story to impact and encourage people all over the world who felt like he did. Charles shows you how to change your perspective on adversity and use it to make you stronger. As well as the most important habits that amplify your confidence, happiness, and peak performance.

  • How to Become Relentless

    Within this topic, Charles shares what it means to become relentless enough to deal with the stress that fear equips. He shares the science and impact behind stress in our lives and how it can be taken captive so it doesn’t destroy us and get us off the right path in life and in our careers.

  • Building Skyscraper Relationships

    The “Building Skyscraper Relationships” workshop has been used with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to unlock the power of relationships in an organization to drive results, improve customer experiences and create a lasting legacy. In this session, Charles teaches people that the “I” in “team” doesn’t exist when it comes to finding success. True success occurs when we prioritize people and not take on life alone. These are principles that can be applied with both personal and business relationships.

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