Caprice C. Jones

Caprice C. Jones


As a child growing up on the south side of Chicago; Caprice stood out as one who had high potential. By six years old he had been offered a scholarship to attend the University Of Chicago Lab school. He also had delivered his first Dr. King I Have A Dream Speech. But there also was a time of turmoil in Caprice’s early childhood that would plague him for decades. He soon thrust into the fast lanes of urban crime that spiraled him downward into two decades of criminal institutions. Caprice would spend 15 years of his life in prison. But it would there where he discovered a lot about not only himself but ultimately whom he was created to truly be. Caprice discovered a fondness for writing poetry, which turned into 3 spoken word books.

It would be during his incarceration that he would begin to see the importance of education and also the priority of manhood. He gained knowledge of God in the personal relationship aspect and at that time he would gain knowledge of his true purpose. Caprice was released from prison and began to seek to be the change he wanted to see in Chicago – so he worked as a mentor for his first two years out: he mentored ex- offenders during a summer job program. Caprice would go on to form a grass-roots movement in Chicago called “I Must Be the Change I Seek to See In Chicago”.

Soon after, Caprice along with his wife and two children at the time sought the opportunity of a greater life in Iowa – So they moved to Peosta, Iowa. Quickly, Caprice was hired to work as the head Custodian at St. Luke's UMC. While working at St. Luke's, Caprice received a vision to start a program named “Dubuque Fountain of Youth Program”. In his vision he sees this program as being a conduit of generational social economic progressiveness in the city of Dubuque.

Caprice holds an Associates in Liberal Studies from Lakeland College, as well as thousands of hours in substance abuse training through Cornell Intervention. Caprice Jones stands today as a man that embodies the hope that many people seek, that Change is Possible.


  • Breaking the cycle of generational poverty

    ( A complexed issue requires an introspective approach to not only identify the problems that exist yet ultimately the discovery of solutions through an inflection process.)

  • The Psychological impact of mass incarceration

    Caprice explains the hidden truths of what a incarcerated person experiences from their arrival to their return to society. He breaks down the myth of only Ill one may face when released/ institutionalized.

  • Dealing with Unresolved Trauma

  • Expanding horizons

    How macro social work can transform communities on a large scale ( Caprice describes an innovative approach towards extracting the best out of human beings by step by step conversations towards discovering how can we as humans individually learn how to embrace humanity collectively!)

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