Ashley T. Brundage


Leadership and Empowering Expert


Ashley T Brundage is the Founder and President of Empowering Differences. While seeking employment at PNC Bank, she overcame harassment, discrimination, and homelessness to empower her differences. Not just her status as a transgender woman but also missing the chance to go to college growing up due to her transition. Gender, Education, Ability, and Religion played key parts in her journey of empowerment. Starting her second career as a part time teller she rose to National Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion in less than 5 years. She captured this 4-step process of using empowerment to cultivate change in her research on differences and their connection to empowerment. Ashley credits her success to those closest to her for providing actionable allyship including her 2 teenage sons, Bryce and Blake.

"Take the first step to accelerate your business, career, and relationships by empowering all differences."

Empowering Differences

Empowering Differences is the intentional action of using power and authority for yourself or others while positioning ways in which you are not the same as the people around you. Leveraging your differences, what makes you unique, to empower yourself and others to make real change happen. Founded as a 4-Step Process of Empowerment, Ashley will cover how to use these steps as well as preview three of the Empowering Actions found in the final step. Be prepared to have takeaways on how we can use Access, Inclusion, and Empower as key actions to help drive empowerment for others.

Other keynotes include:

  • Leadership Strategy
  • LGBTQ+ Equality
  • Authenticity
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Custom keynote surrounding a celebration event: Trans Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ Education: Terminology, creating safe spaces, and supporting the community.

Navigating Disability Inclusion: Course designed on education for accessibility and resources relating to The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Building Engagement Through Cultural Awareness: Defines how differences make a difference, includes ways to build communicative in-roads between cultures.

Empowering Communication: Explores and explains communication style differences and best practices for effective assertive communication.

Allyship: Discusses the practice of emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights and ways to advance marginalized communities.

Unconscious Bias: Understanding the foundational concept of prejudices and working to mitigate biases.

Inclusive Language: Educates on language to create a more inclusive culture. Covers key phrases in demographic, socioeconomic, ability, and gender inclusive language.

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