Amanda Gore

Leadership Coach and Trainer - Consultant Head Teacher - School Inspector


In this age of unlearning the ways we used to work and live and re-learning new ways to engage and connect with our teams – and live our lives, mental health issues are sky rocketing. Joy increases productivity 31%, sales 37% and reduces burnout 125% and is the antidote to our mental health crisis. There are many aspects of Joy that can be taught that can transform mindsets – and hearts. Creating joyful cultures and actually focusing on joy as a business strategy is smart!

Along with many others, Amanda’s world as a speaker was transformed overnight with COVID. Her journey of pivoting and re evaluating everything she was doing has deepened her level of empathy and experience and has given her many new stories and concepts that are so relevant for adapting to ongoing change, new ways of working, disconnection as well as strategies for staying mentally, emotionally and physically well. Which all revolve around how we choose to perceive what is going on in our lives.

To make her virtual presentations as effective as her live ones, Amanda has a professional quality studio set up and specialises on ‘personally’ connecting through the camera. She has taught people in the past how to be engaging and lively on video so she knows how to make a virtual presentation or pre record appear live – and how to really connect with individuals or groups watching via video – using the principles of quantum physics and group dynamics.

As a communications and performance expert, Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the way we feel about a product, organization or person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend, or with whom we conduct business.

She uses latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, quantum physics, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, to help business leaders achieve the results they need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision. And by creating joyful workplaces – both remote and office based - that lead to better performance.

For too long business has been paralysed by its over analysis of data. Amanda will help you re-connect to the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life. Virtually, pre recorded, hybrid or live.

Within a few short minutes, Amanda breaks down the barriers that separate people, and from that moment forward it’s fun, invigorating, action packed ride towards self discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change. Through funny, energising presentations, enhanced by decades of scientific discovery and personal experience, Amanda will both entertain, facilitate changes behaviour and move your audience to action.

Her programs (virtually or live) change the tone of your conference, whether by kick-starting it with laughter and connecting people by breaking down barriers, opening their hearts and minds to learning or sending your attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.

Author of five books and several online, DVD and audio training programs, she researches for 2 months every year and has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, a major in psychology, is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics and has expertise in neuroscience, ergonomics, positive psychology, group dynamics, stress management, and emotional intelligence.

“Amanda has been my ’secret weapon’ to energise culture and connectivity in teams." Gerry Cunningham. Board Leadership Fellow at NACD


THE BIG RE-SET - How to Re-Inspire, Re-Focus and Re-Store meaning | THE POWER OF JOY - How Joy Transforms Cultures, Performance and Mental Wellness | NEUROSCIENCE OF SALES - How to Develop a Buyers Mindset | THE JOYFUL TEAM - How a Growth Mindset, Engages, Motivates and Changes Cultures | THE JOY FORMULA - 7 Ways to Build Resilience, Joyful Hearts and Restore Work Life Balance. It is Possible! | THE JOY OF MINDSETS - 3 Must-Have Skills for Change

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