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Amanda knows how to deliver high-impact deep scientific information based on the latest psychology and neuroscience inside a hilarious presentation that will captivate your employees. They will leave connected and inspired to bring joy to their work –every day.

Author of five books and several online, DVD and audio training programs, she researches for 2 months every year and has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, a major in psychology, is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics and has expertise in neuroscience, ergonomics, positive psychology, group dynamics, stress management, and emotional intelligence.

Joy is the ultimate business fuel.

  • THE BIG RE-SET - How to Re-Inspire, Re-Focus and Re-Store meaning
  • THE POWER OF JOY - How Joy Transforms Cultures, Performance and Mental Wellness
  • NEUROSCIENCE OF SALES - How to Develop a Buyers Mindset
  • THE JOYFUL TEAM - How a Growth Mindset, Engages, Motivates and Changes Cultures
  • FROM BURNOUT TO JOY- How to Re-Inspire, Re-Focus and Re-Store meaning
  • THE JOY FORMULA - 7 Ways to Build Resilience, Joyful Hearts and Restore Work Life Balance. It is Possible!
  • THE JOY OF MINDSETS - 3 Must-Have Skills for Change
Training and Workshops
  • Managing Change: Choosing Opportunity Over Fear
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership: What Leaders Should Know about Feelings and Performance
  • The Same But Different: Are Women Really from Venus?
  • NB: All of Amanda's sessions can be delivered as a keynote virtually, live or as a training session.

"Amanda is a wow of wows of speakers. She’s enchanting, captivating, brilliantly funny, tenderly charming, heartfelt, genuine, sincere and poignantly authentic and yet she delivers a powerful message that we each want and need to hear. She’s unforgettable with her innovative audience involvement techniques that will give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better your life, your relationships, your future and finances.”.

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

“Amanda has been my ’secret weapon’ to energize culture and connectivity in teams."

Gerry Cunningham. Board Leadership Fellow at NACD

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